Dublin 2012

At the risk of stepping on some toes, thought it may be an idea to start a new Dublin 2012 thread under 'Events'. The original discussion seemed to have got a bit lost under 'General'!

Training has now started in earnest - & I STILL don't like hills!! image

Good luck to all




  • No toes being stepped on here, glad we have a thread in the right place image Flights, hotel and entry all booked. Training starts in earnest next week. Orange pen start for me....let the journey begin!

  • Morning all and thanks Puffling for starting the thread...I have done Dublin twice and have attempted to get there on two other occasions but life got in the way.

    I've done 6 marathons and I think 6 or 7 HMs - MrGFB and I are doing the midlands HM in Portlaoise in August.  Then probably this http://www.mooathon.com/ in September...if things go to plan I should be aiming for Dublin this year - hubby can't as he's doing the Lanzarote 70.3 in November.

    Hope we get a good crowd in here image

  • Second time for Dublin (2010). Aiming to do Cardiff HM 2 weeks before as my last long run before tapering - will make a change to run a fairly flat course as most training seems to be done on 'undulations'! - well actually - Devon hills!

    Lovely wet, muddy run in woods last night - head high foxgloves & birds singing.  Sessions like that make up for all the rubbish runs I beat myself up over!


  • Havent really looked that closely at the route yet, but very happy to hear words like fairly flat. Hope to put ghosts of marathons past to rest this time around having previous had so so maras in london and stockholm. Whats the course like for supporters trying to watch from a couple of places on the course?

    Kind of tempted by the mooathon, well the semi skimmed one anyway but I think that will have to be another year.

  • i said never again but im back for the 4th year, for newbies its a great course with great support, plenty of good vantage points for spectators,not too hilly either,last year bucketed so hopefully we wiil get a good day this year.

  • It's been monsoon weather for the two times I've done it - my birthday is two days later (Halloween..whoooo!! image ) so we might take a couple of days after to celebrate image

  • I'm in for this.Will be my first marathon outside the UK, but as I now live in Ireland I suppose it's a home one now.

    Start my actual marathon plan next week.

    See you all in Dublin!

  • First week of training was gone pretty well, if i count tomorrows run i will have logged 53 miles this week. I feel i have the speed for my target time its just the endurance that needs the extra work. Hoping to average 50 miles until Dublin. Usually i manage several good weeks with 50 miles but then a so so week that pulls the average down. Hopefully the low weeks are a thing of the past.

    Anyway, good to see we are starting to get a little group together now. The forum Dublin Mara startlist:

    Puffling, Gingerfurball, Kev, Iainment and CSC.... anymore lurkers outthere?

  • I'm not sure if I'll be running that much in a week, let alone on average!

    I am following the Non-Runners Marathon Trainer schedule as a way back into running marathons after a long time out.

    Started from scratch run/walking in March, now up to 4 miles running. This week I'm in the RunKillarney 10k which I'll pootle round, with walk breaks if necessary after 5 miles, as 5 miles is my scheduled long run this week.

  • I've yet to "run" a marathon - I have run/walked all 6 (and the HMs too) so any run I do now is the longest run I've done in total.

    This last week was a bust though - I seemed to pull my hamstring just before my run on Tuesday  so I went for a limp instead...I decided to rest it on the Thursday run and just didn't have time at the weekend (I normally don't make excuses and I've been following a schedule for the last 11 weeks and have only missed 5 runs in total so it's not the end of the world)

    This week I've got a 5, 4 and 11 to do. For a marahon I'll probably peak in the region of 30 mpw - that means I can get round the marathon training and still have a family life!!  (We have two kids still living at home - 19 and 20 - both at Uni) and 1 daughter married with a 3 year old and another on the way - we're self employed too so time is precious!! 


  • 3 miles from the pier to the fire station and back. Weather grey, raining and warm. Enjoyed it.



  • Looking to do dublin as my second marathon ( 1st was Fort William this april). As a few of you have been before looking for any info about where was good to stay (or even avoid if there was any bad experiences). Hope to book it some time over the next few days...but have started a training plan this week after getting back my holiday.

  • 4 miles in beautiful Doneraile Park. Lovely weather and a big,for me, climb at mile 1 to mile 2.

    Felt good.

  • Perhaps I should have kept quiet about my desire to hit certain average milage, second week and its already starting to look a little tricky. Even without kids and a job that i dont have to worry about once i have clocked out its not easy keeping the total up. Im also looking to "run" my first marathon and if all goes well aiming to get a GFA time to qualify for London.

    Good luck at RunKillarne, Lainment.

    Welcome to the thread Dave, dont know if it was a good choice or not but we will be staying at the Ashling hotel.



  • Have updated my user name. Due to confusion above. image

  • If only evertything else that confuses me in the world was as easy to change....

  • You're not wrong there.

  • Think tonights run will be wet & soggy - puddles & squelchy feet! image  Things all going to plan.  Thank goodness for 'my hero' Hal Higson, whose training plans have seen me round many a Half & Dublin Mara 2010.

    Have stayed at The Arlington by O'Connell Bridge several times. Really handy for all the sights & Temple Bar. They put on a wonderful race day Marathon breakfast from 5.00am with oodles of porridge, honey, toast etc to 'carb up' on!  Think there are loads of cheaper places - but we love it! image

    Happy training to all!


  • Sounds like a great breakfast before marathon....cheers puffling!image

    Also following Hal Higdon training plan...just about to set off on tonights training run, it is lovely and sunny here with blue skies ( rain is supposed to be back tomorrow!!?).

  • I,ve decided to follow the getting round plan on dublin marathon website, my previous attempts ended in frustration as i never put sufficient training in to get a good time, so at 42 and 15 stones plus ive decided not to put any pressure on myself and go with the five hour pacer and just enjoy it, started this morning with a gentle 3 and half mile run followed by two glucosamine tablets for the inevitable aching limbs which will come, ONWARDS AND UPWARDS

  • After 3miles last night on the gym dreadmill (horrendous rain & ankle deep puddles in our lovely Devon lanes!) I actually felt 'yup - the fitness is coming back'.  As really worried that I wouldn't get to the levels needed for the long runs coming up in the following weeks.  'Step back' run this weekend - only 5miles.  Lets hope things dry out a bit!

    Aim to go with the 4.30 pacer again this year. They trotted off into the distance last time when I stopped for a loo break & I never did catch up.  But then again - if I manage sub 4.00 I could get into London2014 with a good for age time image - some hope!!! image

    Happy running one & all!

  • Hi everyone image

    I will also be doing Dublin this year, I also did it in 2010 as my first ever marathon exactly a year after my first half.  Since then I have run on and off and completed the odd half but it was decided that this was the year to get back on track and go for it again (and hopefully beat 2010's time!).

    Week 3 of my proper training plan will be completed tomorrow night after I do my 'long' run which is a complete step back so is actually not that long!  I am doing Hal Higdon's plan as well and find it great.

    Trying to fit runs in around work and keeping a competing horse fit can get tricky but it will all be worth it in October! 

    I am actually baby Puffling so she keeps me motivated from a distance over many telephone calls/text messages each week (no longer live down in sunny Devon image)

    Anyway happy running everyone and hope you don't all need armbands soon if this rain keeps up! x

  • Ran the RunKillarney 10k today. Pleased to have run it all the way. Good t shirt and medal as well. Nice and slowly  round - 74 minutes - and can feel the strength coming into my legs.

  • Nice one iainment - bet you're well chuffed! image

    Welcome aboard clo-jo. Big mummy hugs to baby Puffling! image


  • good to see the odd familiar face from previous years on this thread & its associated dublin '12 predecessor thread...kicked off my 15-week programme last week (just to have some bonus days) from runrepublic.ie...using it as a general base guide...

    did this in '09 & '10 - last year a total flop in that I couldn't show, blah, blah...

    is Paddy of previous Dublin Mara threads out there? doing this again? 

  • Afternoon all - good to see the thread gathering momentum...image

    I did my LSR of 11 miles on Saturday - the first 8 were great and I fought with myself for the rest but got it done.

    This week is 5, 5 and 11 again...I was cream crackered after the 11 but had a nice relaxing weekend with the family.

    On the downside MrGFB seems to have pulled his calf so our HM in 4 weeks is going to be hard going for him...he is an Osteopath and he said if he could just get at it himself he could fix it!!  *frustration*

  • Good to see a few new names appearing on the thread, I admit I was bored but I had to look up to see if a baby puffin had a special name but sadly its just a chick.

    Good to hear people are doing well if their running. Well done iainment on running all the way around and to furball for not cracking when the going got tougher and making the full 11 miles. Always great to feel the tiness coming back, maybe you could get far enough under your sub 4.30 target this year Puffling to have a crack at the sub 4 next time out?

    Had a tougher week this time and missed my target of hitting 50 miles by 3 miles. Pace was also down but not really worried, should be easier this week as its only a 3 day working week instead of the full 7 this week. Just back from my long run having swap todays and yesterdays training around. Felt a little strange doing a LSR on a monday but it went reasonably well.

  • Afternoon all - no toes stood on here and I would know as several not protected by nails including the big toes on my right foot!

    My weekly milage is pathetically low at the moment - think I need some focus - but work and children conspiring against me.

    Planning a couple of drop down weeks as we are getting away for two weeks in the sun - will make a change from splolshing around country lanes at the weekends.

  • This evening is a 3 mile run.

    My schedule for this week being 3, 4,3, 6. To be taken nice and easy according to the plan.

    So EmmaC it seems low mileage can be used for a marathon. The highest I'll be doing in a week being 36. Follow the Non Runners Marathon Trainer programme. It's in a book by Whitsett.

  • I usually peak at around 40 miles and have a few weeks in the schedule at this before I drop down for the taper. But NO WHERE near that at the moment!

    No run tonight as 10k race tomorrow - shattered so not expecting to do very well.image

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