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  • I'm not really THAT bothered about it...i know what i had done training-wise, diet-wise,etc to get that result and am still over the moon...but it was just a shock that people think that way.

    At the finish in Dublin my pal,who was doing his first marathon and finished in 3:41, was delighted for me. And my wife, who saw all the dedication i had put in, was totally ecstatic as i had told her i would be around the 3:30 mark, but maybe slightly over.

    Carrying on about the weight thing..i was 17 stone when i started running last year..was 13.5-14 stone when i ran my first marathon in April, then got to 12 stone for the dublin one and felt better. Now my aim is to get to 11 stone or just below for the London marathon next year...although my wife will probably moan that i look ill...??!!!

  • Jim, weight is the key, I'm 5.10 and 2 yrs ago at 14-15 stone I was doing around 3.20/30 now I'm around 11.10ish and now im running 30-40 mins off per race, think of it like this, if you were 12 stone and someone came up to you on the startline and said here is 35lbs of potatoes carry them around for me! What would be your answer? Personally I think if you lost 3 stone you would be knocking on the door for London good for age 3.10-15.

    Dave, you probably only look ill at 11 stone if you loose it fast coz you will go gaunt in the face etc, but after a while it evens out. Another massive help to me is core work and strengthening, plus since I lost the weight and did the core I get injured less which means I can do speed sessions.

    End of the day we still have to have the engine, and you can fine tune it to the best if our ability, I could probably loose another stone but I was a stone lighter a year ago 10st 10 but I am running quicker now than I was then, only 5 mins but that weight is mostly muscle from cycling, core and light weights so its good weight.
  • I'm sure we would have been within sight of each other at some point Dave. I was wearing a neon yellow outfit (although so were hundreds of others) Amazing effort from you to get 3.15 though. I think I could probably gone a couple of minutes quicker in retrospect as there was juice left in the tank but it leaves me with somthing to play with next time.

    I've not been back to work yet so not had the "easy marathon" chat yet. Pretty sure its what I will be getting on Monday. All my mates appreciate the work I put in so they know there was nothing easy about what I did.

    I plan on my first run tomorrow. It will be nice to go out with no pressure and I can just run as slowly and as short a route as I want. The quest for sub 3.15 begins now!

    Interesting thoughts on weight. I am 5 9" and 12 stone although I do gym work to avoid the skinny runners look and make sure I keep a decent shape.However I agree if I got to 11 stone it would benefit my running. Just need to work out how to get that stone off as 12 stone seems to be my fighting weight!

  • Just focus on speed, fast speed then Will! 10-18 x 400s or 6-10 x 800, run the 400s harder than 5k pace and the 800 at 5-10k pace recovery time is once you have your breathe back. 8-10 wk block of it up to taper time or 2 wks before your next goal marathon. It will make marathon pace feel like a breeze. A half marathon or 2 can help in a build up to in my opinion 4 and 8 wks out if you can find one, use those weeks as recovery weeks so you can give it your all.
  • Think I must have been running along with as well Dave, managed to come in at 3.17.48. If you heard the shouts of come on Karl, well done Karl then we were together. wasnt until i was back home I worked out which runner he was but it makes the point of how useful it can be to have your name printed on your vest for extra support!

    Had a great day, have gone from the never again to looking at autumn marathons. At the moment the plan is to focus on halfs next year, hopefully go sub 1.20 then have a crack at a sub 3 in 2014

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    I too had a PB in dublin (albeit a good hour after you all finished!) Loved high fiving those kids too. Amazing city, amazing race.. see you there next year?

  • Sound advice Muzza. Who am I to argue with someone who has run 77 marathons. I will try and add that type of session into my next marathon plan.I must admit speedwork is the one part of running I hate but I fully appreciate its what I need to keep improving. I'm just delighted this year after the marathon I have been able to get straight back out and keep running. I was out for 2 months last year after the marathon. So are we all back to Dublin next year?

  • 78 now Will image I agree I hate speed work as its lung busting stuff, I do most of mine on a running machine so I can't cheat and back off the pace. Even a 10x800 with 90 sec recovery is only a 40-50 min session inc warm up and down. But it's worth soooo much more than a easy 50 min jog.

    No Dublin next year, I go over seas twice a year and there's so many other places to go, next year it's Barcelona and Berlin but I'm thinking Dublin 2014 as its the 35th anniversary, I like anniversary races. That's why I'm going back to Berlin it's 40th there. I can recommend Scandinavia, great up there! Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen all done and great races. Tallinn, Riga and midnight sun Norway to do, god, so many races to do and places to visit! image
  • Will was right, I was wrong its 77, Lost count! 

  • Muzza,

    I am thinking of doing Barcelona - I will see you in the George Payne Bar to celebrate Paddy's Day after the race image

  • George Payne, is that near the Ramblas Jim? It's going to be my lads 1st marathon as he's 18 next month so we will defiantly be looking for a San Miguel or 3 image looking forward to Barca, went there a few years ago to do the marathon and they cancelled it, the local running club organised another marathon at the rowing lake and I had a foot op so ended up watching my mate anyway, disaster! Marathon de Catalonia I think it's still going but a different date.
  • It is not far away at the Top of the Ramblas http://www.thegeorgepayne.com/index.php/en/location.html 

    There is a Barcelona 2013 thread on Runners World but it is a bit quiet at the moment

    It was where we all met up in 2011 - It should be good craic on Paddy's day image





  • Cool ill look it up then! Thanks Jim! See u in Barca image
    Redjeep! wrote (see)

    Good luck everyone. It looks like I spoke too soon when I said I'll be running. When I tried a test run today on my treadmill, my ankle was still giving me a lot of pain even when taped up and had a skinful of ibruprofen, so I won't be running tomorrow. I couldn't get above walking pace before it got painful in the actual joint.

    I'm gutted.image My first marathon isn't going to happen, I've done all the training and there's no other marathon to book into at this time of the year. 

    Dublin Marathon  The 18th of  November at 9.30am has been confirmed as the start time for the Marathon in the Phoenix Park for the Irish runners who were disappointed at missing out on running New York last week. Registration will open at 8am close to the Phoenix monument in the park, please bring some form of photo ID with you. The race will start outside the American Ambassadors Residence at 9.30.  To book your place please send details of your New York number to office@dublinmarathon.ie, as a new race number will be issued to you for the event.  Why not ask if you can join as you were injured for the main event

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