Am I being unrealistic?

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I signed up for my first half marathon a little while ago and it's now just 10 weeks away....eek! My training hasn't progressed as fast as I would have liked due to long work hours and illness and I am only just up to 3 miles (just about to go and try for nearer 4 this evening though). Is it realistic that I can complete a half-marathon in 10 weeks' time if there are no other barriers to my training from now on? There is another one in my region at the beginning of October which I could sign up for and that could be my aim, but I've already entered the first one, my sister is coming up to run it with me (she's done several before) and I'd like to do it if at all possible.

Any thoughts appreciated, thanks.


  • I'd say it's possible if you stay dedicated, keep it slow and are lucky with injuries. I'd aim for 4m today, then 5,6,7,8,9,10 over the next six Sundays. If you get do 10 in training you should be able to do 13.1 in the race. You could even do a couple of 12m runs in weeks 7 and 8, and have a 2 week taper into the event.

    Remember to do shorter runs during the week, keep everything nice and slow, and focus on doing everything right - warm up, cool down, stretching after exercise, and you can do it!
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    If you can manage to run 10k with ease then a HM is possible if you take it steady!!!

  • Ok, thanks so much! Really appreciate your replies image

  • I had 7 weeks to train for a half marathon (product of an encouraging friend and thoughtless enthusiasm). I'd already done a 10k so could do 6 miles - if you increase your long run by a mile a week you'll be at the 6 mile mark with 7 weeks to go.

    My longest run before the race was 11.3 miles two weeks before and plenty of people I've seen on here had a longest run of 10 miles before their first half.

    You can do it - it probably won't be an amazing time as you'll need to focus on increasing distance, not speed, but you'll get round - and after all, your first one is the benchmark and you don't want to set that too highimage

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    Best news see this months runners world magazine an article just for you;) should fit perfectly with your training.

  • Thanks both! Feeling encouraged now.

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