Cotswold Way Rec Attempt - Pacer Needed


I posted a few months back regarding an attempt on the Cotswold Way national trail official record.  I will be starting around 12:30-13:00 from Bath Abbey on Sat 21 July.

I have a registered time-keeper and will be recording using trail-blaze and garmin.  I also have a good crew for support and verification.  However, I may now need another pacer(s) for all or part of the 0-55mile section from Bath to Painswick.

Please let me know if you are interested.  Familiarity of the course would be handy.  I'm aiming to get to Painswick in a 9hrs, so a fair pace over hills.





  • Daz - Would love to help out but 6 days out from Lakeland 100 cant risk trying to keep up with you for 55 miles! Hope you find someone mate and good luck with your attempt.

  • Cheers mate, I'd have asked you if you didn't have the L100

  • Sorted now.  Thanks.

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