Sore inside knee

After a long run a few weeks back my knees hurt. It hurt from 10 miles to the end (14) and was sore for a few days. Never had any knee pain before.

Rested for a week or two, only doing bits but it was burning again as I got to the end of a 7 miler last night.

Any ideas? It`s on the inside of my knee (inside leg) as opposed to inside the knee, if that makes sense. Cartilage?


  • is it a burning pain then as oppose to a sharp pain or something else?

  • yes, burning sensation. image

  • Six PhysioSix Physio ✭✭✭

    Burning is pretty much always neural in nature.

    Have a squizz at the infrapatellar branch of your saphenous nerve....getting it sorted is a different issue, but very, very doable.

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