GNR first time running it

Hi all the GNR to me seem like one of those iconic events that you have to run even if it just once so this year i have made it my charity run for the year i have chosen to run for Dreams come true is there anyone else for who this will be there first time running this event

i run several half marathons before and a 3 Brighton marathons so the distance isn’t the worry i am more concerned about the sheer size of the field having never run a race of the this size and things like finding loved ones after words



  • Afternoon all

    well 4 done went out for a run today i must be getting tougher that's 2 days in a trot i been out running in the rain normally by now i would have retreated into the garage i did how ever look like a drown rat when i got home any way the whole run took 35:28 Avg pace of 8:49mm so a little happier all though it's still 3 minutes slow than i ran it the last 2 times

    off to the dentist in a minute so it's back out in the rain as the wife has the car at least it's only a 19 minute walk

  • Great atmosphere, very well organised. You will love it.

  • Will be running my first GNR this year. Ive also made it my charity run for the year, although ive extended the fundraising effort by combining it with the Great South, and for good measure throwing the New Forest Marathon in between the two. Not too sure whether i will don a costume or not yet, but thinking hard about it as the serious race for me is the New Forest the week after, and i dont want to run GNR too quickly. I know if i dont have something to slow me down my legs will run away with my body ;-p
  • ditto here will be running it for the atmosphere rather than the time as i i have gone a little crazy this yer having the GNR on the 15th the Bristol H/M on the 30th September then the Cricklade H/M on the 7th and the Swindon H/M on the 14th of October making a total of 4 HM in 5 weeks

  • well i have to say that i was going to do just the 3 miles as to my shame i was feeling lazy so i gave my self a good swift kick up the bum told myself to stop being such a wimp and get out and do the 8 miles as i would only regret it if i didn't so 8 miles done only just a little slower than Friday but still a dam site better than last Monday

    the whole run took 1:16:24 with an Avg pace of 9;18 so pleased with that as it getting towards the 8:50, 8:55 mark i want to get used to training at

  • morning all

    had a rest day yesterday will be cycling into work and back tonight as i need to be i early and the wife has the car and as it's a 6 mile round trip i am counting that as my training for today have to be in early on Thursday as well but will run to work as the wife will be in a position to drop the car off so i can drive home

  • Chris must admit haven't even considered a costume to be honest

  • bike ride into work was lovely sun was out but boy did i think i was in for a soaking on the way home the heavens opened for about an hour last night it was torrential fortunately for me by the time i had to come home it had stop and dried up so kept dry on the way home as well

  • Morning all

    well the run to work went ok Yesterday got a little soggy but had a change of clothes at work and with a swill using the sinks in the toilets felt ok left the house about 3pm and was in work 29 minutes later not the quickest run but not bad have 9 to do today

    The wife dropped the car off as promised which i was glad off as it turned into a long all day never left work till 4am making it 12 and a quarter hour day

    It’s our 27thwedding anniversary today to may shame had to call in the 24 ASAD to get a card and present as i had totally forgotten about it until i opened a card from my sister


  • I am doing GNR for the first time this september and looking forward to it. Not bothered about the time, just looking forward to the atmosphere. Completed the Birmingham and Black Country Half marathon last weekend on my 45th Birthday and finished feeling strong so am now looking forward to the GNR.

    I had back surgery 16 months ago and it knocked my running back a lot so its great to get out there again knowing i can do it!!

  • bogwoppit i think like you the atmosphere is the think i am looking forwarded to we were going to come up by train but they want £130 each both ways so were considering flying up as it's a cheaper option so that will add to the whole thing as i have only ever flown 3 times

  • hey Toby3 im doing the GNR this year and its my first ever race decided to raise some money for charity and this seemed like a good challenge really looking forward to it!!

  • Afternoon all


    went out for a run with O/H today she was only meant to be doing 5 miles as her training for the Cricklade H/M has now kicked off but we decided to do our 3.2 mile route that we used to run when training for the Bristol 10k which takes in the docks and as it was a lovely day in the end she decided to run it twice making just over 6 miles

     the Bristol triathlon was on today so we got to see parts of the cycling and runners as we trotted past as we got back to the end of the second time around i still felt ok so while O/H went into the ASDA to get some drinks i ran the loop again to make it 9 miles which is what i should have done on Friday

    Craig good luck with the fund rising i don't normally bother with charity places i usually get my own place first and then run on behalf of a charity that way there happy to take anything you can raise but as the GNR a ballot entry only and i don’t seem to have much luck in that respect went for a charity place this year

    As i always run at least one race a year for charity last year i ran the Brighton Marathon for Sparks

  • morning all

    did 3 yesterday have decided to have a treadmill and telly week this week all but Friday that is when i shall go out for my long run 4 today then a gym session on Wednesday

  • Morning all

    well 4 mile done yesterday done as a sort of Fartek session walk 1k run flat out or as flat out as the treadmill will go gym session today then will have to get my LSR IN ON Friday as were off to Leicester again for another attempt for the wife to do the race for life let’s hope it’s not called off this time

  • well to my shame never got the gym session done woke up to late must get it don to day

  • well 13 miles done in the end but i have to say the whole thing was a struggle from the word go i knew any sort of pace was out by the time I’d reached the end of the road whole run took 2:12:33 in a way not too bad it is 7 minutes slower than last time but the splits are all over the place ranging from 9:19 to 11:03 and not one in under 9

    Oh well it has been a hard week at work well that’s my excuse any way it’s just one of those runs we all get from time to time

  • may do 8 today but would you believe it the sun comes out and i think I'm coming down with a cold so will have to see how i feel when i get up this afternoon it my be a case of a quick 3 miles on the the treadmill

  • did my first run in a week yesterday came down with a sinker of a cold which left me completely drained ending up in me being a lazy sod on Sunday and sleeping right through till 2.30pm Sunday afternoon

    it was only 3 miles am just going to stick to that this week may be something longer on Friday

  • Afternoon all

    well 3 miles done again went out without the Garmin and iPod i was a little wetter today still went out in shorts but had to put my water proof jacket on as was taking no chances on a relapse as i seem to be finally shifting this cold to my shame i have had to have a nap both days after my run Oh well old age gets us all in the end

  • Afternoon all

     3 miles done a lot earlier than i intended got home from work about normal time 3.30am wound down for an hour went to bed head hit the pillow my brain what there is of it went into over drive could not get off led there till 5am and gave up and went out for my run just 3 again today

    Oh well at least i can sit here now this afternoon and watch the Olympics

    Nessie kids can’t live with them can’t live without them what do you do with them

  • Moved house about 10 days ago.  On Tuesday did my 1st run from the 'New' house.....wich meant new route NIGHTMARE! (look at a previous post to see what happend, i havnt got the time at the mo to 'Tell the storey' again)

    3-4 mile tonight.....sticking to the roads!!!!

  • Well my try a gentle 8 miler today as i am not feeling to bad now and the cold seems to have all but gone

    Barney good luck with the new house

  • Cheers toby3....

    Did the 4mile last night......Pleased with the distance but not the time image  i do understand thou distence is more important than time at the moment for me!!

    Might try and sneak a bike ride in saturday evening, failing that its Sunday LSR for me next..

  • the 8 mile not going to happen today now as i over slept so will do it tomorrow as i have the house to myself wife of to 0ndon to meet up with the daughter and my son will be working


  • Afternoon all    

    Well managed to finally kick myself out the door this afternoon 8 miles done and have to say it was a struggle whole run took 1:18:06 with an Avg pace of 9:33 m/m and looking back it’s a whole 2 minutes slower than i ran it a couple of weeks ago and 4 minutes slower than 4 weeks ago

    Though looking closer it funny i have 2 good times then a slow run 2 good times and a slow one so in theory the next time i run that route  it  should be a good one will have to wait and see if the Patten continues

  • Morning all

    Well just 3 miles yesterday as i over slept the run took 26:29 with an Avg 8:44 m/m which i am really pleased with after Saturdays run if i wake up in time i my try something longer today

    Am really proud of the wife she ran 7 miles yesterday that’s the furthest she ever run


  • Morning all

    Have a rearranged dentist appointment Friday so decided to do my LSR yesterday to get it out the way so 10 miles done yesterday not the fastest i done that course in taking 1:40:53 Avg pace of 9:31 i seem to have lost all the speed i had

    Though looking back it’s about the same time i was running when training for Brighton at the same stage of the training plan so perhaps there hope yet

  • 4 tough miles last night...... I dont think i have ran longer than 6 mile for about a month!!  Got to do a LSR on the weekend and TBH i would be happy to do 7 ish miles then 8ish the week after.  Im still doing the GNR but this year is more for the event.......

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