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I have lost 2.5 stone since Jan 2012 from running around 5k 6 nights out of 7, but now sometime when I'm running the last mile or so my legs turn to jelly..out of gas.  I have changed from 5k one night to say 2.4k the next. As i'm on a diet (Brown rice/pasta..healthy stuff) I only consuming around 1500 cal a day..yep I know that way to little, thats why my question is what portion size of carbs,etc should I be eating at meal times, pre/post run......

Any help or advice would be gratefully recieved...;)


  • Congratualtions on the weight loss!  

    If you've not altered your diet and you've not altered your running and now you're finding your "legs turn to jelly" after being ok presumably since January I'm wondering if there's another explanation.  The calorie thing is misleading because you've not said your weight or your general activity level so it may be an acceptable level of intake for you.   To be honest your mielage isn't that high and the way you're splitting (i.e. 6x5K and not, say 2x5K and 1x 20K) it means that I doubt food will be making all that much of a difference anyway, as the carbs you get in your normal diet will more than replenish what you're buring up in exercise.     Do you keep a food diary?  That'd be a good way to look at the link between food and exercise.  Sometimes simple things like forgetting to have a snack before a run can have a big impact, as can hydration levels, so I'd try that to attempt to work out when exactly the jelly legs happen.

  • Thanks for the help.  I'm gonna a food diary from now on.  Ran my first 10k this evening a preloaded myself with bagels (Weight Watchers with peanut butter) and plenty of fluid (Little and often) felt good no jelly legs - 50:12. Very happy with that.


  • Out of interest can I ask how old are you Anthony? Did 9.27km this morning but it took me 1hr 28mins. I can't seem to get any quicker than about 1hr 20mins and although a bit over weight lifestyle is not sedatory, 2 kids under 8 and work part time. Think food diary would benefit me too. Cheers.
  • 37yrs young and now weigh 14st 9lbs. I since changing the amount of complex carbs I now eat I don't seem to tire so surprise there then

    Best of luck
  • I tried several diets, but only one suits to me. While I was a distributor for a donper America frozen yogurt store I met a fitness trainer. He gave me a diet with a lot of fish which was awesome.

  • Hi,

    I found the advice from these guys to be very sensible. It's not a diet and they're not trying to sell you anything (although they have got a book)


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