British 10k - no race pack!

Hi - I am running in the British 10k in London this coming Sunday July 8th....I have not received my race pack, however, my friends who are running have received theirs!  This year, you are provided with a t-shirt with your number attached, without it, apparently you can't run....!!!  I have phoned Union Jack Events (organisers), 6/7 times now, have left messages with their receptionist to get someone to call me back as Mike who I am need to talk to is either in a meeting or at lunch...!!!  Never gets back to me.  I have e-mailed still no solution received.  I am now getting anxious and frustrated at the incompetence and lack of response that I am receiving.  I am the only one suffering???????  This is my 1st 10K, I am new to running and just feel exhausted with the amount of chasing I am having to do to be able to run on Sunday image


  • I'm sorry to say that you are experiencing the level of 'customer service' that the organisers of this event are famous for.

    Perhaps you should try a local, club-organised race - they tend to be well-organised and care about their customers, whereas big events like this one really don't care. 

    It sells out, that's all they care about.  Whilst it continues to sell out, they don't see any need to change.

  • i've recieved racepacks within the last week a few times, but usually ive not had to chase it that much, that customer service is quite poor.

    Have you tried to see if there is a facebook group? i'm amazed at how much quicker the social network teams are than the people in office these days, you may also find a good number of other people with the same issue. 


  • here, in case you dont have it already image


    there is a post on their wall that says they have not posted them all out and the remaining ones will be sent tomorrow. so dont panic just yet image

    hope this helps

  • Thanks Marc - yes I have gone on FB today and had my virtual rant!  I work in an environment where this type of service isn't tolerated.  My main issue is that I persuaded a group of girlfriends to do this with me and I am the only one missing the pack.....don't want to let them down.  And not to mention the effort and training we have put into it.....but thanks for trying to help me image


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