why is my hair falling out?

I know this is a very minor thing compared to some of the health worries people have here, but I have found that since I started running again after a break of over 5 years (so basically back to beginner level,) my hair has been falling out at an alarming rate.

I have been determined to avoid overdoing it, as I am very wary of beginners' burnout, and I try to eat a healthy, balanced diet. This is important to me as I have lost 5 stone in the last year and am feeling better than ever before.

I always had a shower every morning whether I was running or not, so my hairloss isn't down to increased washing or anything.

I know, as I said, its pretty trivial, but I am a 31 year old female and just don't feel ready to be bald yet. Should I consider a supplement?


  • Have you spoken to your doctor?

  • Not yet, I thought it seemed like a silly thing to be bothering him with. Part of me was hoping it was a common thing amongst new runners and someone else on here would have experienced something similar? That does sound a little bit daft now I have typed it! I haven't noticed a lot of bald runners passing me on the road lately!

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    I'd go and get it checked out.  Probably something very simple, possible B-12 or other vitamin deficiency due to the large change in your diet over the last year (loosing 5 st is fantastic by the way), but just go and get it checked out.

  • Thank you so much! I think I will head for the doctor then, he will be surprised to see me - last time I visited him I was almost 17 stone and suffering from obesity-related health problems. Better to be fit and balding than that, I suppose!

  • My hair has always been a bit prone to falling out but since I started running it's gotten much worse. I can't tell for sure that it's the running causing it though - may be coincidence.

    Just to reassure you though, I'm not balding at all.


  • Thank you! It is reassuring just to know that it is happening to someone else too. Maybe its just one of those weird things? Maybe for every one that falls out, two will grow in its place?

  • No problem - I do think it's just growing faster and therefore falling out faster.

  • evening springle,as a gp receptionist, if i'd had you on the phone telling me this, saying 'its not important' i'd've said, if its worrying you or it has started happening more often, it IS important, the docs are here to help the whole YOU.

    if your gp is worth his/her salt, he/she should not treat it as trivial when you get there.

    reassurance can do wonders

  • Thank you Sarah, and thanks again all of you, I am feeling much better about it already; I felt quite silly when I first posted.

    I am lucky enough to have an amazing GP who is very kind and good at listening - the downside of that is that it is very difficult to get an appointment with him as he is incredibly popular!

    I will pay him a visit over the summer and see if he has any advice for me, but I am already feeling much less worried - thank you

  • Hi Springle,

    I had the same issue regarding hair loss (as well as fatigue with flu like symtoms). I was seriously beginning to panic and saw my GP. She took some blood tests over a period of a couple of weeks as my whiteblood cells were a little low, but they couldnt however fine anything wrong with me.  

    I started taking a multi vitamin which includes probiotic and a 1000mg Vit C tablet each day and slowed down my pace (on the advice of RW posters) but increased my mileage. I also increased my consumption of vegtables such as spinach, brocolli & savoy cabbage.  It has taken me about a year but my hair is now full of life and im no longer experiencing any fatigue/flu.

    Not sure whether this benefits you in any way but just wanted you to know that some little changes worked for me and once you find the right ones for you  im sure you will get on top of the hair loss.  Make sure you see a doctor sooner rather than later though in case there is a medical issue behind it.

    Good luck x 

  • A couple of questions: are you actually noticing less hair on your bonce, or just more hair in the plughole / comb?

    And does it run in your family? Did your mother lose her hair?

    It is possible that the quite large weight loss will have changed your hormonal balance -- bodily fat has a lot to do with controlling estrogen balance

  • evening springle,

    what mikefrog says is worth thinking about, women who have carried alot of weight and then lose it sometimes do find the change in hormones is noticable.

    another question to add to the list for your doctor . . .

    have you booked an appointment?

  • Hi all again!

    I had not even considered the weight loss to be the culprit, as I had made a real effort to do it slowly and carefully, as opposed to a crash diet. However, now that I think about it, it should have been totally obvious from the start that my reduced fat levels will affect me in so many different ways. I am down almost 70 pounds of fat, after all - so that is a lot for my body to come to terms with. On the whole it has been a life-changing transformation; my skin glows and I have a spring in my step, I feel alive again!

    I haven't any bald patches as yet, it's more that my hair seems to be falling out when I wash it and brush it a lot more than it ever did before, as well as an almost constant trail of hairs that I seem to be leaving around the house. Yes, I am very popular at home right now!

    It is very kind of everyone to come on here and share their advice and experiences, it has been most reassuring and I am feeling much happier about everything. I have yet to secure an appointment with my doctor, they work on the basis that you cannot book more than 2 weeks in advance, and so far everything has been booked up. I will keep trying, and let you know if I get any interesting info - but it won't be for another few weeks!




  • Springle wrote (see)

    it has been a life-changing transformation; my skin glows and I have a spring in my step, I feel alive again!



    That's really good news! Well done

  • morning springle,

    i second what mikefrog has quoted from your posting:

    that is a lovely way to be feeling after all your hard work.

    well done and keep it up!

    dont give up on attaining the doc appointment tho, thats a big challenge!

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