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I've gained a place in the London Marathon 2013 (eeeek!) This is my first marathon and just would like to get any hints/ tips from more experienced runners.

I have done a couple of half marathons before, and am doing Cardiff half in October and Silverstone in March. I regularly enter 5 & 10k races, last 10k was Llanelli and got a PB of 55:34 (I enjoy running but not especially good/fast)

I've entered VLM as it's the next challenge and I want to do a full marathon before I'm 30.

So, any advice welcome (or just a chat about general running, my husband gets bored of me going on about it I think!!)


  • Better to be on the start line 10% undertrained than 1% overtrained (think thats the stats) but bottom line is do not overtrain or you will end up injured before hand or have a miserable run. ENJOY IT...........image its an amazing atmosphere.  That said, do not under estimate it either. LOL

  • Congratulations on the place, just a quick post to say good luck, I had such a pang of jealousy when I saw this thread had started as I was part of the vlm 2012 newbie thread. You will love it!

    These are the things I wish someone had told me ( may be you know these things already)

    Get good socks early

    Listen to your body, if it hurts stop and get it checked out training for 26 miles is very different to 13 miles, getting to the start line is 95% of the battle.

    Practice your rehydration/refuelling strategy early on as many people can't get used to the gels

    But whatever happens you will have an amazing experience good luck
  • i read somewhere that the halfway point isnt 13.1 miles its really 20 miles, and having done it I can heartily agree. those last 6 miles will take all your determination! good luck. image

  • good luck to you mate, as they say if your body says go then train, but if it aches then let it rest a bit, you will be fine,sounds like you have a bond place to know so soon, in which case i would worry more about raising the money than doing the training

  • Well done on your place image.

    I agree with the above, listen to your body and don't do too much to soon. I learnt the hard way and spent 5 weeks on the injury bench last year. Totally agree it is better to be undertrained than overtrained and risk injury.

    And yes for me the halfway point was definately the 20 mile mark, the last 6 were the hardest.

  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    Ah well , you see if you hit the wall early enough the last 6 miles are just a very long blur and you won't remember them. image

    But, you won't be undertrained due to injury. You won't be dehydrated. You won't have eaten the wrong foods/ gotten your refuelling all wrong. You won't have chaffing/muscle spasms/all the other things that will come apparent over the next few months. Because you got US to tell you what not to do! (and you'll listen to every word!)

    You'll love it. It's great to do. Even with all of the above.

    (from kaffeeg, part of the VLM 2012 thread)
  • I have just secured a place in the VLM 2013, and after the initial jubilation, comes the training strategy. I suffered bowel cancer a few years back and running had to stop, but i have been given a clean bill of health and am now restarting my training from scratch. I shall be a regular visitor to this site to gain help and inspiration, my drive comes from my charity and within.

    Look forward to reading your pearls of wisdom.image

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