Just wondered how long people generally take off training after an event like Outlaw? I'm concerned more than a couple of days and I'll be going cold turkey from all the endorphins! I could always start the 'to do after outlaw' list I have been adding to since Christmas...


  • depends what you have lined up next. I  had 2 easy weeks followuing regensburg last year.  The first week was

    Monday  REST - easy spin on bike or light swim if you want.
    Tuesday REST
    Wednesday Easy 1hr spin on bike
    Thursday Easy 30 min swim
    Friday REST
    Saturday 2hr easy ride
    Sunday 30 min easy run

    the next week I was on a 3 hr ride, and the week after that back to full training and a 5 hr ride..... 

  • im probably not the best one to give advice on this - i have just signed up for a 70 mile ultra 11 days after Outlaw, but in fairness i didnt spank the mara and can still run up stairs, theres a little stiffness when i first get up off the chair/sofa but everyones going to be different, depending on what effort you put in 

  • The rest of my life!!!!
  • I took a month off after my first one and then tried to do a half IM a month later and didn't have a good event, mostly becuase I was still a bit broken and second because i blagged the half.  After my second IM I took 2 weeks off and then gently went back to structured training to maintain fitness and interest.  Worked much better. Listen to your body - get a sports massage - don't rush back to racing - would be my advice. image

  • Fair play DK, I am very jealous of your ability to run up stairs. My stair tactics are some what different, more like a fat wobbling crab going up sideways.

  • I'm still doing stairs on my backside!

    Perhaps put off the training for a little while longer and keep eating recovery biscuits...

    Thanks for the suggestions.
  • gas-man wrote (see)
    The rest of my life!!!!



    edit - 70 mins later and I've just entered my next raceimage

  • Depends upon your athletic history before the event, your goals after the event and more importantly your metal well being.

    Keep off the running until Thursday, even then its 30 minutes light, that's where the most damage is. If you walked most of the marathon then you'll be fine.

    But if mentally you're tired, the family has had enough etc then a bigger block of unstructured training will be beneficial.

    you may find for 3 or 4 weeks you feel fantastic post IM and really start pushing things again, just to have a real crash. This crash can lead to a CNBA attitude that may take months to shift.

    So take it easy, allow yourself to skip a few sessions then pick your next target and get back into it.

    Don't wait until January though!

  • I would love to train again but I feel like I have been hit by a bus after my spectacular bike crash on Sunday. I have some wonder bruises and scabs on my elbow that the kids are itching to pick off!

  • SteveHo was talking about detraining yesterday. Is there a need for this?

    I'm not planning any events for a while, but may end up doing a 10k late July.

  • Stupid question...what is detraining?

    I have entered the last two Regents Park 10k series (5 August and 2 September) but at the moment am struggling.  Swimming/cycling fine but I tried an 8 mile run yesterday and gave up and got on the bus after 5 - I have never done that before! 

    This morning I had to have a sit down after walking up the steps at the tube...I must have looked especially foolish!

  • Running Postie wrote (see)

    I would love to train again but I feel like I have been hit by a bus after my spectacular bike crash on Sunday. I have some wonder bruises and scabs on my elbow that the kids are itching to pick off!

    Ouch - what happened? It really isn't a knitting club, is it? image

  • Is this normal? Did my 1st Tri (sprint) on Sunday - loved it, woke up Monday felt fine - sorted kids and did usual work. Tuesday knackered and sore - went back to bed! Wed not too bad - did garden and rode one of the horses then did some work, Thurs felt S*** but had loads to do so rushed around (sore throat and bit sniffley). Today - I could slit my Wrists! Absolutly lost the plot and will completly.  No appetite- forced myself to eat. Kids went sailing this evening so dragged myself onto pilates machine then bike turbo for an hour. Now I feel a bit better in the head but I really am not happy about my mood during the day. Is this a normal response - should I rest more or do more after? Should I sign up for an Ironman (I'm not joking) - I'd rather suffer the physical pain than the mental s*** !

    I think I enjoy physical pain! (broken enough bones on the horses in the past).

    Am I sick or a normal Tri addict! help! image

  • I signed up for a 10k day after the Outlaw, I'm generally massively needy and grumpy after any event, especially an 'A' event, as all my focus is gone, like coming back from a holiday. Recognising that you'll feel that way, warning friends/colleagues, treating myself for a bit and getting straight on with 'what's next' is a lifesaver.
  • Fairly normal RD, although perhaps not quite to those extremes. It's common after a big event that you've been building up to for ages to have a downside afterwards. It helps to have something else to focus on, another race, or a holiday, could be anything.
  • After my im I got horribly sick for a week, running a low fever at all times, sinus related. Did not help that I had to work night shifts just after I got back. Now I know better and will actually take some time off after my next one.


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