Suunto ambit gps watch

Does anyone have one I'm just wondering whether they are any good I'm toying with either one of those or a garmin 310xt


  • I've had my Ambit for about 2 months now and am very happy with it so far. There are a few bits that need sorting when they update the firmware like adding the ability to create an interval session workout, but nothing that would make me swap it. In terms of functionality its great.

    I had a Garmin before I got my Ambit, in my opinion it looks a lot better than the Garmins, has better battery life and is a better all round training device.
  • Thanks, one of the main things that is drawing me to it is the battery life, other than that it's rare for me to use more than time distance and laps!
  • i had a play with one last week and was impressed...  a friend of mine is trialling one.  There are a few niggly things that he didn't like, but overall he liked it.  I have to say that Suunto have got the design just right... If Apple did sports watches they would be called Suunto! image

  • I have had my Ambit since they were first released in March, and have been using Suunto for many years. The Ambit has been aimed at "Explorers" but also fits well with Ultra / Trail running community due to its battery life. There are forums dedicated to Suunto where you can find plenty of info:

    I would also take a look at Movescount application, as this is the only app you can use for uploading you data to.

    My personal opinion, check out the pros & cons against your requirements as £400 is a lot of money & the Ambit does have its faults & functionality is limited in areas.

  • For a runner, unless you are really heading off the beaten track, the Suunto T4c/d is much better value.

  • I picked up my ambit for ??280 from Evans cycles and so far very impressed, I've been wearing it as my normal everyday watch too!
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