Patella Problems


I'm training for a marathon, done 4 half marathons before but never a full one and my left patella is giving me problems. A physiotherpist says it's positional so I'm using strapping but not finding it successful. There's brace's available but don't know how good they are? I've looked at the Mueller Max Knee Strap??? Also is Levotape (blue tape) any good?



  • I was referred to physio just as a precaution really when marathon training,was told I had patella femoral syndrome caused by under developed muscle on one side and over developed muscle on the other side of the knee cap causing it to be slightly out of position. AKA runners knee,was given some exercises to do such as leg raises,calf stretching and some resistance band exercises,apparently my really tight hamstrings weren't helping,but tbh it seemed to sort itself out. The physio did say it was at a really early stage but seemed able to diagnose it straight away. I went to my GP,was referred to physio and was seen within a month,all on the NHS.
  • Thanks Chieffy, I also saw a physio and have been told a similar thing that my right quad's bigger than my left and have exercises to do. But in the meantime I've got to keep training...without pain! Did you use any strapping?

  • I didn't but I was probably just being overly cautious by going to the doctor and maybe as it was in the early stages the increased mileage helped to build the muscle back up anyway and sort of cured itself. Someone with expert knowledge may come along and say that's a load of rubbish though! This might help:

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