Tel Aviv Gillette Marathon 2013

I ran the Tel Aviv Gillette Marathon 2012 and absolutely loved it! Perfect weather, a fairly flat course, and a finish line and celebration on the beach. Not to mention a beautiful country to travel to! Signing up again in March of 2013 and wondering if there are any other international marathoners out there who are considering making it out to this event?


  • HI Sara, I ran the Jerusalem half in 2009 and am thinking about signing up for Tel Aviv 2013. A bit worried about the heat, even though it appears to start very early I live up in Scotland and will have been training in ice and freezing wind!

    They say 25,000 are expected but how many did you think ran the full marathon? Those Israelis are very fit and fast and I don't want to be last in.

    Maybe see you there!



  • I'm signed up. Flights booked. Hotel booked. Can't wait!



  • I'm signed up as well! It's my first marathon! Kol ha kavod guys! See you at the finish line
  • Great. Not long now!

    I was a bit worried about arriving late and not making to the expo in time to pick up the race pack. They tell me that they wil have a desk at the pasta party in Rabin square the night before for late arrivers from abroad.

    They've also just announced that there'll be a gay pride run as part of the event too, so that definitely means a great beach party at the finish line!



  • Where did you find out all this info please?
  • All on the web-site and they have a facebook page with news as it happens. They;re also pretty good at answering email queries. I was a bit confused re baggage storage and the need to buy locker space in advance. The emailed me back and clarified that for those of us running the full marathon there's a separate area for us with free bag storage and massage after the run etc.

  • Hey everybody

    special offers to those who come especially for the marathon this weekend includind a breackfast before the run and after, hotel - Luski suites is located on the start line



  • What a shame about this race being cancelled. All the way to Israel to be downgraded to a half. After a major sulk and a bit of a tantrum I still went over and ran the half. Despite everything it was a really great few days. The organisers managed the situation well, looked after us well, and made sure our trip was still worth it. The people of Tel Aviv were very welcoming. I've also just received a check for 100 shekels which was the difference in entry fee between the half and full marathons. 

    Sad about the 1 death due to the heat and hoping the other 12 badly ill have made a recovery.  

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