Outlaw 2012 race reports

Guess there will be a lot of Outlaw race reports .should we have like a 200 words or less policy ? so they all get a look in .  just a though image



  • I like reading long reports though,image 

    We could have a prize for the longest image

  • You men!

    It always comes back to size!  image

  • hahahaha... right then .. Perhaps we could call it the " fifty shades" award

  • Busy swim great bike crampy run walk great weekend........short enough image
  • Brill and to the point Max...image

  • I didn't drown...goal achieved by 7:38am...all downhill after that! image
  • Fast swim.
    Fast bike.
    Fast runs -  which absolutely destroyed my proposed fast run.
    Finish (a lot lighter than I started).

  • As promised the report!! Day one. Drove down from Sheffield in convoy with microbeman, and pitched up in the campsite Saturday morning in the "pirate wing"! The atmosphere was electric. Made our way to the 11am briefing which delivered some corkers!! One lady enquired what she should do about T1 because she swims in a wetsuit naked!! Obviously all the fellas asked where she trained!! Met golden boots on the way back, and he was still waiting the delivery of his tent. Packed the bags and serviced the bike ready for racking, then we did a recce of the bottom loop. Made some tea: pasta, tomato sauce, cheese; rice pudding, sponge cake and decaf coffee to finish - masterchef try and compete! Bedded down for the evening for the 3:30 rise!! To be continued...
  • Oohh I could definately win the longest blog award but here is the condensed version.

    This was my first Triathlon, my first open water swim, my longest ever cycle.

    I swam 1 hour 50 had calf cramp after 40 minutes or so and only succeeded in beating a few stragglers at the back who were doing breast stroke.

    Swallowed a bit too much lake water so had to rush to the loo and spent 10mins in transition.  I then grabbed my bike one of the few remaining on the lot. Hoped on at 8am ready for the ride.

    A lonely slog of a cycle ended after 8 hours at 4pm just beating the cut off. Quick rush through transition out on the run with a little under 7 hours to go.

    Took the run steady, ate loads, run/walk throughout and last hour and a half got strong and managed to pass about 15-20 people in the final 8 miles or so. Finished in a time of 16:05 with just under an hour to spare before cut off.

    Great race, incredible day, my family, supporters, fellow competitors all made it a day to remember. Will be back for more 2015/2016.

  • Azattack the naked lady was Flowerpower (now i am dead!!!)
  • Woke up at 02:10, felt like lunchtime by the start of the swim. Great atmosphere before the start of the race. Found the swim quite hectic compared to previous events, but no major issues apart from me struggling to swim in a straight line.

    First 40 miles of the bike were super quick with the wind and it was good to get so many miles crossed off before the inevitable headwind. Feed stations were top notch and super friendly. Managed to complete the bike without stopping or unclipping, even the offroad slalom sections coming into HPP. Only disappointment was seeing some blatant drafting - one guy was with me for an hour or so and going from wheel to wheel, just inches away. Cheating twat.

    The run was great, I quite like multi-laps in this sort of race as the atmosphere is great and keeps building as more and more of us join the course. Made it a reward to walk through all 17 feed stations and slogged it out for 11:23. I did an idiotic and wanky sprint down the finish straight and will be very embarrassed if I'm on the TV.
  • There were over 30 DQ's for drafting....question is why take the chance?....oh and my favourite DQ "inadequate dress"...wonder if that was the bloke in boob tube and budgie smugglers??

  • FF, it was...but AFAIK it's been reversed and he now only has a time penalty, not a DQ.

  • Glad there were DQ's for drafting - it was pretty demoralising struggling through the wind to be passed by a 20 strong chain of draft cheats engaged in a mid race rectal exam..... image I only remember two of their numbers, 313 and 456, but they weren't alone - the line came past me and stretched into the distance..... shameful!

    I may be slow, but at least I did it myself image

  • Saw lots of pirates there, nice bunch can I be one please? Did it in 11:54, quite chuffed as first one. Great atmosphere and well organised. would like to do it next year.

  • How do you know about the DQs?
  • We have photos of the penalty sheets...anyone want me to check a numberimage Ditchy, I checked your two numbers but not on there...

  • I can't remember this guys number, I'll find him when the photos go online!

    I was number 380, I better not be on there!image
  • The penalty sheet I saw showed 2 mins penaltys for drafting not a DQ. 2 minutes is not enough and if they were DQ'd, all the better.

  • Chesilboy...the DQ sheets were in in the main building at the end.

    Mystery solved Mrs F.....seems the Smugglers are making a bit of a come back!!

  • If you sat up someones @rse on the bike with that wind you would make much more than the 2 mins penalty image still they know they cheated their way round and will always know they didnt really do it proper i saw quite a bit of it cheating feckers still it does look like the refs were giving it a go with 30 DQs
  • did seem to be an awful lot of drafting going on ... even had someone sit on my wheel for the last 10 miles or so ... now thats pretty desperate given the average speed i was making at the time .. shameful really but they are only kidding themselves. 

  • I had some big bloke sat on my tail on one particularly straight and windy section and it really pissed me off to the point that I slowed down enough to force him to overtake....

    Awesome awesome day though, pirates supporters are the best. image

  • One person was a DQ for abusive behavior in registration the day before! Can you imagine?  Most drafting was 2 mins penalty, couple of DQ's for dangerous riding. It's quite interesting.

  • RBM - me to, there was 1 individual - Name - ANDY - red cycle top, long hair.......you know who you are you cheating SofB.
    i was watching him draft for ages then as i passed he tried it on me, i just slowed down rather sharply, he muttered something i gave the Vs and he cycled off into the wind. Tw*t

  • Red_dog_chris wrote (see)

    Saw lots of pirates there, nice bunch can I be one please? Did it in 11:54, quite chuffed as first one. Great atmosphere and well organised. would like to do it next year.

    Welcome aboard image

    Pirate power is amazing

  • Drafting penalties do vary from race to race.  In some they'll tell you while you're on the course, and you serve a penalty either during the bike leg or in T2, often a lot longer than 2 minutes for a long course event.  Multiple offenders can be DQ'd.  At Outlaw you'd have had no idea until the results came up.

    I've got no time for blatant drafters, but it's one of those areas where you need to give the referees a bit of discretion - if you applied the rules strictly you'd have a lot of folks getting penalties in the first few miles out of T1 when there are simply too many riders in too small a space.

  • Iron muffin - you mean I can be a pirate too? Hurrahh!! Now where do I get that cool top and mingle with all the other pirates?
  • Here   image

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