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  • .. well, not from me exactly but just hang around, join in and watch for Kit Order threads  image

  • This chaingang was when I was on my first southern loop, and the six hour peleton were on their second. Was totally blatant, and as it was a long stretch I watched them go off into the distance, not a single change of place or attempt to pass.
  • I dont remember who it was but one of the faster of us remarked how he had not seen any draft busters out and about on the course yet the slower of us had seen an awful lot of them.... perhaps they were right place, wrong time for the few that we saw ??

  • Day two. Up in the morning buzzing with excitment. Got to the swim and the smell of bird shit was turning the stomach. The water felt tropical.. got the head down, breathing every 2 strokes to stop the googles coming and get the breathing going. Managed 1:09. T1 was smooth. 4mins. no boobs though image. Straight on the bike, golden boots whizzed by. Ride out was very pace, felt good, maintained aerobic HR. Loop one was good, with oxton mount smashed (smaller than my road), shot into Southwell. Loop 2 the head wide was a ball ache. average speed drop 5mph! Some were drafting my back wheel... cheating MF'ers!!! All on TT bikes as well!! At 90 miles the legs felt like jelly.. was feeling like I was bonking and the marathon was looking a non-starter. However, 102 miles found the second wind... the drafters were starting to pass and that pissed me off... so I knuckled down and came in at 5:47!! I was on for sub 11... big boost!! I did the marathon in 3:57 last year and I had 3:55 to play with. Passed mille on the first lap of the run and she looked very good.. had a small chat before feed station 1. Wind on the back straight was torture. went for a run/walk for the first 4 feed stations, just to get the energy levels back up. Then swopped to my 20 min two gels and water at the nearest feed station tactic and it work very well. Saw microbeman on the second lap which gave me another lift along with the pirate support. Came in at 3:47 to give me a total of 10:52... Result!! Hit the massage table, food tent and watch my fellow pirates coming in. Microbeman came in at 13:20, which was pretty cool! Headed back to the campsite, washed, changed and hit the regatta bar ready to cheer the last pirates in over the chute... and Sid of course.... amazing finishing to a truely fantastic day! To be continued...

  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭
    Who is Sid ?
  • Just the second to last guy... I think that was his first ever tri!!! Not a pirate but deserves a mention.
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    It's just the guys at the Outlaw sounded really pleased to see him too :0).
  • Hey all, well done to every one!!! Just wanted to say hi to all the other outlaws out there! First ever Ironman distance and loved it really pleased with a sub 12 hours, especially after being injured. Swim was great everyone chatting at the start then getting whacked in the face twice - about 1 hour 5 mins!! Bike loop one was really quick with clear roads and sun (and crappy wind!!). Not happy with all the drafting last 10 miles back saw two pairs and a group go by sucking on each others arses while I tried to eat another flapjack washed down by high 5 (yuck!). BTW there was a point on loop two near the (argghhh) Pirates feed station when it was getting bunched up with first and second lappers so there was a point which I tried to move 10 meters behind but was very difficult (no idea if penalised?!?!) and like an earlier report feel proud to have done it by myself. Ps all the support and stations was GREAT! Got back to a quiet T2 after 5 hours 40 ish. Start of the run - supporters were great, all those people at the feed stations being nice (lying) saying it wasn't far to go!! Wind was bitter but was glad I was off the bike before the downpoor - but it did make me laugh with me being 6'3'' and two people running really close behind back up the lake.... Running draughting!! Lol and I was going SLOW! Finished about 4 hours 50 mins and wanted to cry, all those racing snakes bouncing past during the run was demoralising. Thanks all - well done all - see you next year!
  • DTB, Ultra Cake Pim.p wrote (see)
    This chaingang was when I was on my first southern loop, and the six hour peleton were on their second. Was totally blatant, and as it was a long stretch I watched them go off into the distance, not a single change of place or attempt to pass.

    Ditto - must have been the same lot I saw and pretty much the same point......it was blatant in the extreme....

    Still at least I know my ride was all mine so to speak image and not "assisted" in anyway

  • Think I saw 4 or 5 motorbike officials, one was at the side of the road having a brew, he'd sped past me and then pulled in and took out a flask. The coffee smelt good as I was getting soaked.


  • Can you confirm that the chain gang were all part of the race?

    On the feed station we saw a few groups of cyclists coming through and thought they were all drafting until they didn't take anything from us and they were just out for a fast group ride

  • Morning Peeps

    There were a lot of the "usual Sunday morning chain gangs" out and about... I saw quite a few bike marshals as well.    Lots of quick people came past on thier second lap as I was on my first.... I tried to take pace (image), But not a cat in hells chance of keeping up with some of them....

  • Despite being as wide as a barn door I wasn't aware of anyone drafting me - I was too slow!  However, when faster people came past they tended to come past in almost a group of half a dozen at the time.  I don't know enough to say they were drafting, maybe a yard or two between each one?  But to be honest, I was there just to finish and do my own thing.  Time was secondary and the only people I was interested in were other Pirates and how they were getting on!  image

  • Oh and currently working on my race report!  It's a bit long and overly naval gazing at the mo to be honest!!

  • I think you are all amazing and such an inspiration to newbies like myself but I have to single out Cheg, much respect man, your first Tri and you do choose an Ironman. After reading the reports and speaking to the girls from my Tri Club I'm seriously thinking of doing this race next year, just need to find me a training partner now image

  • There were a lot of bike clubs cycling amongst the race but no doubt some drafting occured.  I saw just one small group of 3 apart from that pretty good.  There were a few times I saw someone on my back wheel but they werent there for 30 seconds.

    In my experience drafting is worst amongst the 50-200 placers (those competing at the sharp end of their age group), thats what ive noticed at races ive been at before (i.e. being lapped), I wasnt amongst this group on Sunday and only the really fast guys lapped me on the southern loop.

    I also think its impossible to apply drafting rules in the first 10 miles of the bike, its just impossible to get a 7/10m gap or even find space to ride to the side.

    I find if someones drafting me, a quick squirt of sticky sports drink quickly gets the message accross.

  • Arriving Friday meant I could have all day Saturday to faff... Great meeting up with old friends and meeting some new ones.


    Bike and bags racked nice an early on Saturday afternoon, had my 10 seconds of fame when 2 guys walking behind me spotted the DTeS t shirt and one whispered “he’s ones of those people in the book”, Must mean the Don Fink one ?

    Sunday alarm at 4:30, but was already awake, couple of slices of malt loaf, I know I should eat more but whatever I eat I throw up in the swim, so why make it worse than it has to be ? Dosed up with ibuprofen and went over to the start. Last hug and wishes from Sue and off to get the wettie on. Another couple of ibuprofen and into the water, quick word with Holgs and GO... Really got a kicking at the start and couldn’t find clear water for about 2 miles ! Within 5 minutes I knew I was in trouble with my shoulder, It hasn’t been right since I was knocked off the bike 2 weeks ago, trying to swim normally was agony, trying not to pull hard with my right arm meant I veered off left, so just settled down and found a pace I could cope with. By the time I was approaching the finish line I could hear the announcer talking about the cut off time.... Out of the water in a 1:40:31 nearly half an hour down on my last 2.4 mile swim in June.

  • Quick change (and another couple of ibuprofen) and out onto the bike, trod on a channel 4 camera man laid on the ground in transition as he tried to get artistic shot of a young lady’s bum leaving before me ! Good to have the lap of the lake to get settled and have my breakfast. Had a bit of a moment leaving the water sports centre as the back wheel stepped out on me.

    First few miles flew by, really enjoying myself, and having got the swim over I could relax. Stopped at the second feed station to fill my aerobottle and one of the helpers decided to “launch me back into the fray” as he had seen on the Tour De France, all he managed to do was bash me in the small of the back and split a gel that was in my monaco pocket, had the sensation of blackcurrant SiS dribbling down my bum for the next 20 miles...... Pirate feed station as brilliant as ever, sorry for hitting Min with the drinks bottle, but I was after the goal honest. Yet more ibuprofen and keep pushing the pedals

    As usual let the mind wander, did anyone notice how noisy some peoples bikes are ? I can’t claim to be perfect but there is hardly a sound from mine even when really pushing hard, but the number of bikes with clattering gears and strange rattles would have driven me insane. Saw an old mate of mine Chris from my pre triathlon motorsport days who had driven over to watch, sadly hadn’t seen Sue which always makes me worry, just as I finished the 2nd  loop it started to pour down and I finally saw Sue so was able to throw her my shades. The last 15 miles or so were very slippy and the rough section through the hall were a bit of a joke, meeting an ambulance coming the other way at full tilt gave me a bit of a moment.

  • Into T2 and handed the bike over, quickish change (another couple of ibuprofen) and out onto the run. Started alongside Nicko who had just completed his 1 st lap of the lake,

    Having only run 13.1 miles in training, as my longest run and that was the Chester half, the marathon was always going to be one foot in front of the other. The first couple of laps were OK, stopped and had a quick chat with Sue and of course loads of Pirates both on course and supporting to motivate me. Thanks to Cake for the swift Guinness at the end of my first lap.... anything would have been better than more High 5, the black stuff was perfect. Managed a quick chat with Holgs at one of the feed stations, he was in a world of pain by then

     Last hug and kiss from Sue and it was off for one last lap of the lake, steady plod down the lake and turn left to the finish.... Stopped and grabbed a beer of a Pirate supporter, muttered something about retirement in general and then completely missed Sue hanging over the barriers ! (Yes I have grovelled and been reminded several times)

    Met up with Holgs and Wild Will in the food tent, and stuffed my face with chicken and rice, then out on to the grandstand to join in the Pirate merrymaking.

    Highlights, Brilliant bike really enjoyed myself, but possibly left too much out on the road, low lights the swim, I suppose I really should have withdrawn, but if it was easy etc..... Managing to take a whole packet of ibuprofen without killing myself....

    Monday morning and being told by Sue that I was free to carry on going long, she doesn’t mind the training etc, But she wasn’t going to watch anymore and as she find it so stressful, Having missed me on the bike everywhere she went to spectate she was convinced I had come off and even asked an ambulance crew to check and see if I was reported retired !

    She then presented me with a voucher for a pamper session at the gym / health club we are members at so Tuesday evening a spent 2 hours being massaged, hot stoned and generally being pampered.

    So thanks to Sue, the kids who spent all day cluttering up mobile network trying to get text reports of how I was doing, and the Pirate Massive for support, High 5 and generally being all-round good eggs !

    Well I did a long distance The Big Woody (well almost the distance), I have done an IM branded event, IMUK and now I have done the Pirate Championship event... Ticked all the boxes, and last weekend got the biggest tick of all.

    Thanks to all of you for making the day what it was. I will enjoy watching the next one from my bath chair parked alongside Fat Buddha’s.........

    Suppose if anyone needed a cyclist for a relay .....

  • SA - er yes, unless they had all carefully made themselves race numbers for their Sunday club ride.... image

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    Mrs Funkin wrote (see)

    One person was a DQ for abusive behavior in registration the day before! Can you imagine?  

    We spoke to Theresa at OSB on Monday morning about that - it seems the guy was pretty abusive to a few people during registration.  I think he's been banned from any future OSB event.   What is it with some people??

    As for drafting, it's usually a 2min penalty if caught once - usually due to someone not dropping back quick enough if overtaken - although if it's blatant it can be straight DQ.  It's a judgement call on the part of the motorbike draftbuster - who are all trained BTF officials btw - and there is no appeal process.  

    Sadly the draftbusters can't be everywhere so you will always get acusations of it happening - genuine and accidental.  The best thing to do if someone is dfrafting you is to let them go past, leave a gap and then carry on making sure you don't draft them.  If they are persistently drafting then swear at them, or squirt a water bottle at them, but try to avoid any outright conflict.    That's the recommended methods - I will however leave it up to the individual to decide their own best approach.....  image

  • I had no problems with anybody drafting me.... they would have got a good soaking if they did image

    and FB... please please please apologise to Petal who took my bike off me image

  • I didnt see any draftbusters the whole way round - compared to any IM event I've done - I've always seen a few - and even got told off for chatting to Gladys uphill last year. 

    I saw a husband and wife draft team riding together - they had the same cagoules underneath their saddles, but apart from that - not too much really. I think I was too near the back of the field and all the drafting was being done by people who had bothered to learn to swim. So competitive eh ? 

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    GB - don't sweat about it - you were in the zone like many others....

    we had all sorts to contend with coming in to T2 - those in the zone; those glad to hand over the bike ("I never want to see it again"); the precious ("please rack it nicely"); those that could hardly stand up; and many others who gave us a thank you which wasn't needed but was nice all the same.

    and for those who peed on the bike........image

  • Golden Boots wrote (see)

    I had no problems with anybody drafting me.... they would have got a good soaking if they did image

    and FB... please please please apologise to Petal who took my bike off me image

    Good grief - you can't take the children anywhere these days can you without them being unreliable..........? image

  • I can't remember what I said when I eventually I got off the bike or even who took it off me so if I forgot my manners image please accept thanks now - it felt so "pro", I've never had someone rack my bike for me before image

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    Podds - that wouldn't have been me or P as we'd switched stations by the time you came in.   I should also thank on behalf of everyone all the Air Cadets who were in T2 acting as rackers - we just took the bikes off the athletes, these "kids" did the running back and fore to the racking spots...

  • Sid's a mate off twitter. He will be pleased that everybody knows him now image was so impressed that he finished.

  • lol - I did wonder. But the finish chute atmosphere being what it is, I felt as though he was a dear, close friend when he came through. image

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