Nike+ VS mapmyrun

Since the recent release of Nike+ running app for android, im thinking about changing from mapmyrun for more a community running app.

Just out of interest what do people here think? image


  • If you're after community, then there are sights that will give that to you.  If you are after accuracy, don't bother with the Nike+ stuff or any phone app.  Buy yourself a dedicated device - loads to choose from.  These will give you access to communities also.

  • I use both. I like the Nike+ community and usually log my

    Miles with that. I know its not that accurate. I just tried the

    Nike+ app on my android phone. As long as your phone isn't shaken about

    It works ok. Mine got moved a bit last night, kept pausing and

    Didn't record my run. It did work in an arm pouch the

    Other week. As for map my run, its good, and even better

    Since the update. I use it for working out new routes which it

    Does well. Anyway, Nike+ is compatible with map my run so you

    Can upload your Nike stuff. As for general accuracy who knows

    Last week I used the phone app, sports bang, and my mate

    Had his garmin. All gave different results. My plan is

    To try the app and sports band on a measured 5k and

    See which is most accurate.
  • wicked, thanks lads.

    Although ive come to realise they havent made Nike+ avaliable for my android (yet) image


  • It can be done if your not on o2, and you have an unlocked phone.
  • i think my phone is unlocked, im on orange.

    It wont show up in the google play store and if i go through a lin on the web, it tells me its not avaliable image

  • Loan an o2 sim from a willing chum then download it. Worked for me. You

    Can get a pay as you go sim from o2 and try that. It's free.
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