2012 Bristol Half Marathon

In 2 minds whether to enter, hoping they would drop the entry price like they did last year when they had lots of places let..


  • Tempted but the travel and parking info on the website is poor and I can't work out what are the best options for car parking nearish to the start. I can see car park locations but if they are full then I don't want to be driving about at 9am looking for a spot.  We would have to leave home early as it is and I'd like to know where there will be guaranteed space!  Info line no help and traffic hotline not so hot - no answer.

    Why websites don't give that info amazes me - as half the non local runners need it and little village 10k races have spot on parking info on their amateur websites!

  • Actually also meant to ask - when did they drop the price last year and by how much?

    Won't that mean everyone is waiting for it again?

  • there are several multistory car parks close to the start line they do fill up i always get there early to make shore i can park on the level i want to all the parking information usually comes in the race pack booklet they send you it can be a bit of a nightmare getting home again after the race due to the volume of traffic

    so if your coming in from any were to far i would recommend you leave early ot treat yourself and come the day before and stop over night

  • I arrived about 90 minutes before the start last year, and found a space in a multi storey dead easy, somewhere near the hospital. Cutting through side streets meant it was around 5-10 minute walk to the start.
  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭

    I'll travel up the evening before and stay at the IBIS right on the start/finish line; only about £50 for the night for 2. Just need to make sure you park where you're not trapped in by the race, for a quick getaway.

  • Yes, they did drop the price last year, i remember that.

  • If I remember they dropped the entry price to ??20 with a few weeks to go
  • Torquayrunner wrote (see)

    Actually also meant to ask - when did they drop the price last year and by how much?

    Won't that mean everyone is waiting for it again?

    It dropped from £30 to £20 for affiliated club runners around about mid/end of July. I think at the same time as they introduced the bulk discount for clubs entering large number of runners.

    Dunno if they will do something similar this year. Because

    a) they've already introduced the bulk discount and it still works out at about £20 for clubs entering over 20 runners

    b) They've started entry with a closing date to a later than previously, normally they shift the date as the closing date approaches

    c) For the 10K race they instead gave away free entry to people who used local council gyms often, they might do something similar for the HM?

    Edit x-post: nope dropped the price more like 2 months before hand

  • thanks for that everyone  - there are 3 of us so staying overnight plus cost of race itself would just be too much. I think I might just wait and see if price drops as it sounds like it won't be full anyway. Sounds as if I should just wait for race pack and suss out the best placed car park for a quick getaway too.  That is the trouble with not knowing the city at all.  It's not one I am desperate to run so I'll wait and see how much they want more bods to enter!

  • Dunno if they will do something similar this year. Because

    a) they've already introduced the bulk discount and it still works out at about £20 for clubs entering over 20 runners


    True, but that's still a lot of runners to find from 1 club. I run over in berkshire and make the trip so there's generally only me from my club in the whole race!

  • Yup of course, I doubt many clubs can even make up the 10 runners for the smaller discount. It was more that I thought both the individual and block booking discounts were offered about the same time last year.

    This year they would have to undercut the maximum block booking discount to get the individual entry price to £20, which I would hope they wouldn't do image

    As Torquay says it's pretty unlikely to sell out so as long as you don't think you'll forget to entry you can probably leave it for a good while yet... though the date is different this year which might help sales.... and they have apparently sold half the entries with still 10 weeks till the closing date, so... dunno

  • I'm in. having been off with injuries since almost last year's event, I just entered this again with just 12 weeks to go, which will give me time and focus to get some training in.  I dont think I will be troubling the timekeepers too much!  It's such a great event, who cares.
    As a V60, it's heavily discounted entry already image

  • Hi everyone, new to RW forums but have entered the Bristol half marathon and started training yesterday. I have ran it twice before and would like to get under 2 hours.

    Nice to meet you all image

  • blondieburns good luck with the training hope you achieve your goal

  • thank you toby3 - me too - i think there will need to be lots of early morning runs had!

  • 10 weeks to go!

  • I live in somerset,so be quite easy to get to,i heard lots of great feedback and i am keen in taking part.I do object however to the cost of the race £35 is alot of money,ok what do you get?This would have been my first half marathon since 1995.


  • I'm doing it, costing an arm and a leg though! hotels in the city centre are all booked up... maybe I'll just camp..image

  • Lynsey: I know not everyone is a fan of Travelodge but it might be a little bit more comfy than camping? Mitchell lane is less than a mile from the start, and I believe still has rooms.

  • Thanks Chimpster, I'll take a look, travelodge does the job as it's only a base for the night

  • Has anyone received their race number etc yet? The website doesn't mention when these will be sent out.
  • kaffeeg no haven't had mine yet probable start sending them out in the next couple of weeks

  • Thanks!
  • Received my race pack in the post today. Haven't run the Britol Half before, but am looking forward to it and hopefully a good time!

  • Entered    no race number as of yet , still 5  days to go


  • Shaun, if you haven't seen on the run Bristol website;

    "If your Race Pack (number, timing chip, Race Info booklet) hasn't arrived by Friday 21 Setember please contact the Race entries hotline 01782 396 113 or email bristol@frsystems.co.uk "

    Depending on when you entered but it's probably still in the post but might be worth sending them an email to check it has been sent out

  • arrived     many thanks


  • Has the course been altered since they sent the race packs out?  Redcliffe Street (which we're supposed to run down just after we cross Bristol Bridge) is blocked off for building works, and so unless they're going to be taking down all the hoardings and things on Saturday night I can't see how we'll be able to stick to the course?

  • Their website seems to be down, so perhaps they're frantically uploading new course maps.

  • I know, I've been trying to check all morning.  I just don't want a Cardiff Half situation where there's a last minute change and the course accuracy certificate is invalidated.  Fingers crossed I'm in pb shape and I don't want a meaningless result!

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