2012 Bristol Half Marathon



  • The map on the web site today doesn't seem to be different to that in the race pack so fingers crossed. Good luck everyone.

  • According to the twitter feed there is no change to the course. They are "opening the gates and running through" Redcliffe street.

  • Thanks for that, Chimpster - I can stop panicking!  I'll probably run like a muppet after all this fuss to ensure the course is accurate...

  • Very excited about tomorrow morning! Have suffered AT and not been able to run much these past couple of weeks AND i have never run in a long distance race before! I am here for the experience and keeping my Dad's memory alive after losing him this year. Good luck to everyone, can't wait to experience it and to maybe meet some of you image)

  • How'd it go guys? It was harder than I expected, did you get that PB Joolska?

  • well, yesterday's Bristol Half was my first ever race, so I had no expectations or anything to benchmark it against. It was awesome!

    I am so happy with my time of 2hrs 36 mins ( I came 9490 lol) but I finished and ran the whole distance. Next year I can aim for a PB now I have something to work with.I hope everybody else here had a great run!

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Bristol half was my first race as well. Didn't train enough but as Lynsey, ran all the way and got home in 2:20. Last 3 miles were a killer and the last mile really tested my mental strenght as I was so ready to walk. Great running everyone!

  • went as well as (or as badly as) expected. 2:19:00 - only slower one was an of-road one back in 2004. Lack of training for 4 months - it is amazing how a new bit of gold on your left hand can slow you down

    Well done to everyone who took part, got PBs etc.
    will be back and raring to go next year!

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