Lytham St Annes Windmill Half marathon

 Anyone else signed up for this in a couple off weeks?



  • I have. Will be my second HM and a drastic change from the first which had 1356ft of climb, this one has less than 100! Looking forward to it.

  • Yep, nice and flat by the looks of it.

  • Yep, I'm doing this too and like 7D this will be my 2nd HM and my first was the same one!

    It's pretty much pancake flat but the wind could play a huge part as most of the route is right by the sea with little/no protection.

  • I did the 10 mile this year, which must be pretty similar route.  Really enjoyed it but timing isn't right for me for this one.

  • hi what date is this race can i enter on the day ? thanks.

  • William


    15th July and yes you can enter on the day. Fairhaven Lake Cafe' promenade Lytham

  • Date is July 15th, entry details here:

    entry in advance is £14, but a steep hike to £20 on the day (+£2 unaffiliated)

  • thanks ron and andrew will see if wife and kids fancy staying in blackpool the night b4 were up here in dumfries scotland.

  • Stay in St Annes William, much nicer image

  • Any locals have recommendations where to eat after the race? I have an hour or so to kill until my train, nothing too fancy just a nice, filling meal.


    Many thanks.


  • Where are you getting the train from Gaz, Ansdell & Fairhaven or Lytham station?

  • Ansdale and Fairhaven Andrew.

  • There's not much tbh. There is a pub (the Fairhaven I think) on the corner of Lake Road which is 5 minutes walk ish from the finish and it's not out of your way with regards to the station, but I've never eaten in there. Alternatively you could join the blue rinse brigade in the Fairhaven Lake Cafe where you start from, overlooking the lake. The food in there is pretty good for what is in essence a glorified park caff.

    Otherwise on a Sunday you need to go back to St Annes or down to Lytham where there's plenty of choice, but you may have to get a later train.


  • thanks andrew .

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭

    nice area to run is   Lytham and st Annes

  • I can think of much worse! I still prefer the rough stuff round Roddlesworth and the West Pennine Moors though image

  • Cheers Andrew. I may take the later train, I'm in no real rush to get home and I can't face the 2 hour journey eating train station food!

  • I'd wander into Lytham Gaz, there's a few half decent pubs (The Taps especially, although that's a drinkers pub rather than an eatery, usually around 8 real ales on offer) a fair few cafes and bars/coffee shops and if you fancy it, there's a cracking fish and chip shop with an attached dining room (Whelans) a few minutes walk Eastwards down the main street. The Queens Hotel on the seafront (not far from the windmill) always used to be good and there's a brand new Weatherspoons just opened in the last few days which is always a pretty safe bet, which is only a few minutes stroll from the station.

  • Not many places left, limit nearly reached, enter before the day.


    Main promenade area around fairhaven lake and all the way down to the old Land Registry, not parking restriction imposed from 15th july becuase of the Open Golf Championship (security) Two good car parks north & south of the lake (Pay & Display) two minutes walk to the race HQ and race starts adjacent to the south car parking area.

    Entry on the day is only £2.00 extra (if available)

  • Gaz - I'll be heading to Whelans after the race, the fish & chips there are worth the visit to Lytham alone!

  • ron are you the same guy who used to organize the  leyland   great north west half marathon as far back as 1997 ? if so can you confirm if course was accurate ran 74.11 that year and 75.52 in 1998 have entered the windmill half though wont run anything like these times made a comeback to running last year after 8 years out and getting fat hope to be in decent form by september - october this year thanks william.

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭

    William  yes he is    he puts a load of races on over that way

  • thanks compo ran leyland in 97 and heard an unconfirmed rumour that course was short that year either way one of the above times a long standing pb may never get near these times again ..

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭

    i use to run most of the Flyde coast races   but changed to West and South Yorkshire races with the hills  as i love hill running   more then flat races now

  • I wouldn't ask William...image

  • William,

    Leyland 1/2 M GNW was measured accurate by Harry Smith IAAF grade 1 measurer. This was a good course run on a similar route to the Leyland 10M event in which Richard Nerurkhar ran 46min + for ten miles prior to running several marathons artound the 2.08 mark. The event was moved to blackpool for safety reasons , the Leyland course could only take 300 runners, moving to Blackpool increased the field to over 1400

  • thanks very much ron leyland half was a great race ran 97 race as part of build to london marathon that year and just managed to outsprint anne buckely for my 74.11 .looking forward to the  windmill half this sunday hope the weather is kind.

  • Early advance forecast looking quite favourable for Sunday, mainly dry and bright, 14/15 degrees and not much wind....for once I'd really like that to be accurate!

  • If that was offered to me I'd take it.

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