Lytham St Annes Windmill Half marathon



  • ha ha, join the club 7D! Did the Carnival 5k on St Annes Prom on Sunday and it was very humid, 19/20C had never felt so sticky, could do without a repeat of that.

  • andrew could you recomend a b and b or hotel in lytham reasonably priced if possible we would need a family room we 2 young boys and a baby daughter and thinking of staying saturday and sunday night thanks william.

  • William, most of the Hotels in Lytham itself are pretty pricy at the best of times, but with qualifying for the Open starting on Sunday, prices I suspect will sky rocket.

    In St Annes, popular hotels that often do family deals include the Dalmeny and the Parkwater, I have a mate who comes over from Bury who swears by the latter, been staying there for years for weekend breaks. Both are only 10-15 minutes walk from Fairhaven Lake along the prom. There's also a brand new Travelodge in St Annes Town Centre which has only been open a couple of months, might be worth trying there.

    I do suspect you may be hit by the effect of the golf though, on both availability and price.


  • Alternatively - stay in Preston and take the train on the morning of the race. 

  • 7D, have a heart, the man has a young family, you'll scar them for life.



    Preston indeed image

  • William


    Try the travel lodge at Bloomfield Road adjacent to the football club, £29 per room (3 miles from Fairhaven Lake, or BFC Hotel the football clubs brand new hotel good rates, There are seven travel lodges in the Blackpool area which are much cheaper than St annes area.

  • thanks guys will try the travel lodge or the bfc hotel.

  • wife has booked us st ives hotel in lytham really looking forward to race and 2 night mini break .going for a massage later today ran moffat 15k on tuesday night tough race in terrible conditions so quads need sorting out .

  • William - lucky you image - that's one of the nicer hotels on St Annes Prom by all accounts and is only 10 minutes stroll from Fairhaven Lake.

    Forecast still good in that it's dry and bright (and cool), but fresh W'ly winds are forecast which basically means half of each lap is into a headwind image.

    Did my last training run last night and it felt really good (7 miles on the beach, unshod), swim today and tomorrow then fingers crossed for a good trot on Sunday.

    Good luck everyone image

  • I'll be there from Saturday afternoon onwards, I've got a course map printed and I'll be doing a slow jogging recce of the course around tea time.


    Good luck all!

  • Just entered last minute. Looking forward to it!

  • I'll be there. It's my first half, quite excited. I have done most of my training runs in and around the course so feel ok about it. The weather this morning said bright and breezy which usually means strong winds in St Annes.

    What's the score with parking? Can you park at the lake or on Clifton drive? Or is at all shut for the bloomin golf invaders?


  • thanks andrew i will be waring a red and white stripped dumfries harrier vest on sunday (wheres wally type) .had a quick look at course map how many laps is race is it 2 or more ? thanks william.

  • William - it's two x 6 mile laps with an extra bit to make up the distance.

    I'll be in a red Lakeland Trails HM t-shirt if anyone wants to say hi.

  • ok thanks sd will look out for you cheers.

  • Iain


    Parking at both ends of the Lake, Pay & Disply. Clifton Drive no parking, starts this Sunday for the Open, amazing, golf does not start until next Thursday, but never mind at least you can run the whole route not having to run outside parked cars anywere on the course.

  • Think ill try and park in Ansdell.
  • Its pretty windy here at the moment guys. I did a 5 mile run along the front and you know about it when the gusts get up.
  • Weather looks good today. Hope the wind drops.
  • Great race, really enjoyed Lytham but the wind when heading West put paid to anu thoughts of a PB. Took it bit easier after mile 5 when I knew the PB wasnt there and finished in 1:39:10.
  • Yep really enjoyed the race. I agree, hard work running against the wind though.
  • Really enjoyed it. Finished and I'm happy.
  • GazOC was just in front of me then, I was in 1:39:20. Yeah, that back straight from 9 to 11 miles essentially killed a sprint finish, but it was a nice PB for me. Lovely to meet William too, fast stuff by him. 

    Cracking race, enjoyed it.

  • Hi guys enjoyed course but wind was murder ran 89.44 .well organised race conditions cant be helped probably rare you get a calm day on the coast .race I did on Tuesday didnt help the legs never mind me and the family had a nice short break as a result
  • William, didn't get online after Friday so didn't see the messages but glad you enjoyed it. I'm very much a beginner so was well behind you guys, but was happy with my modest 2h27, especially with that pesky wind. Thought the organisation was very good though and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Need to work on shifting some more excess baggage now to speed up a bit!

  • Andrew, sorry I didn't get to see you, man. I daresay our HM paths will cross at some juncture! How did you feel about the course vs the Lakeland Trails one? You seem more enamoured with the trails, am I right?

  • Seven, were you wearing A Lakeland trails t-shirt by any chance? I was the short arse in the orange vest, I think we overtook each other a couple of times during the race. I was also at the train station after the run.
  • Yes, Gaz, that was me. I remember spotting you a few times, notably right near the end as I was running out of steam and heading down to the lake you were still on the path next to the coastal wall - I could see you had your tail up - so I thought I'd try and hold you off. Good finish by you.

  • Just read your previos post Seven. Ignore that question!!
  • Cheers, over the last mile or so I knew i had to get of a wriggle on to get under 1:40.
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