Daft Question?

Hi All,

Don't know if this is a daft question or not.

I am about to do my first 10Km next weekend at Cranleigh. Well actually I did a 10Km at Arundel, but that was 10 years ago so I am considering this as my first.

On the information that came with the race number it mentions that if it is wet then the course can become muddy in places.

This has got me wondering exactly what I should be wearing on my feet for the race?

Do people wear normal running shoes on these types of courses or something more robust with greater tread?




  • I go with the off road too, or trail theses allow decent running on mud and road or paths.
  • Definitely off road shoes. But try and get something thats inbetween, that is good for roads too. My Off-roaders are. Got them from the Up & Running shop in Horsham, which is an excellent shop, but the Tortoise & Hare, which is on that small estate on the road from Horsham to Guildford is good for stuff.

    Off-roaders are good, i took mine over Box Hill, Cissbury Ring, and they worked out well. Need to be well padded, but sometimes, even with all the grip, you can still go arse over elbow. Just pick your next step carefully.

    Never realised Cranleigh had a race. Just down the road too.

  • Well... Some people do 100 mile trail races up and down bloody great mountains in road shoes... Just depends what you've tried and what you find most comfortable. And if you don't already have a pair of trail shoes to wear, five days before a race probably isn't the best time to go buying them!

    Couple of weeks ago I did Lakeland Trails marathon. Up and down hills, through bogs and streams, very wet, shin deep mud for much of the course, and I got on fine in road shoes. No slips or trips and I felt comfortable in them the whole way round. By the end the shoes were a bit of a write-off though. Trail shoes are definitely more robust!


  • If it's next week I would be running in what i'd trained in and not cotemplating a change.

  • Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the input.

    I took both and then had a look at what everyone else was wearing.

    Ended up wearing my normal running shoes.

    There was more grip in the puddles so I splashed through those image



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