Running to keep weight down

Hi all, I'm a newbie and after losing 71/2 stones from 181/2 to 11 1/2 I have just been for a gait analysis and bought a real pair of running shoes. I really want to run to help keep the weight off whilst eating sensibly. I'm nearly 50 and although I play a lot of golf I haven't run for years. I could do with some pointers on hydration and healthy running. Thanks.


  • I am still very new to this too, so will leave the advice to the experts on here, but I just wanted to say well done on the weight loss! That is amazing and you should be so proud. Best of luck with the new life!

  • Hey! thanks for that  Springle,much appreciated.

  • Hydration: don't worry so much about taking water with you when you run (most beginners do). Hydration is omething you need to be doing all the time. Literally have water with you all day and take some every 20 minutes. Many different parts of your body will store the water.

    Healthy running: follow a program and keep a note of your runs. Observe rest days (you can still play golf and what have you). If you feel a niggling injury beginning, take some time to rest and stretch out that body part. Look up some stretches and do them religiously within 20 minutes of finishing your run. Stay safe when running on the roads: buy an item of clothing that is flourescent yellow.

    Find a pair of pants that stops you from getting chafed (you will be surprised how painfully this can be!).

    Count calories: work out how many your runs are burning. That way, you'll resist the urge to reward yourself with too many treats that you've 'earned' through running. At the same time, recognise that you need some good quality carbohydrates - or at the very least, protein - to keep you fuelled as a runner.

    7 1/2 stone is like carrying a second person, so well done on the weight loss.
  • follow a walk/run program to start with. Don't feel guilty about putting in walking breaks, its the best way to build up your running.(sorry not really nutrition!)

     and very well done on the weight loss, you have done fantastic

  • Try the Couch to 5K programme - it'll get you from, er, the couch  (i.e. not running) to running 30mins non-stop (about 5K or 3 miles for the average person) in the space of 9 weeks.  A few friends of mine have done it and it workks relly well as it's based on a walk-run programme so your body adapts to the new stresses of running.

    Well done on the fantastic weight loss!

  • I have just started running again after a 2 year absence.  It feels like I have never run before.  I thought I would be able to go straight out and run for 30 mins no problems (I have completed 3 x 10K races).  I could not manage to run for more than a minute at a time.  I was very saddened but continued to run for 30 minutes using the run walk 1 min on and 1 min off.  I went out again last night and did the same.  It felt a lot better and I was slightly quicker.  I used to play a lot of rugby but since having children and sitting at my desk, the weight has slowly crept on.  I have tried diets in the past and can only manage to last for a week and so I am hoping that if I can keep getting out running then my weight will fall off and I will stop eating.  (First time i have posted on a forum).  Good to share.

  •  Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement. Yo-Yo stick at the diet mate, If I can do it anyone can honestly. I had a 46" waist, xxl in everything. I played golf but TBH wheezed my way around and was seriously out of breath by the end. I'm now a 34 waist and medium in everything else I stick to the 80-20 rule. Mon -Fri I'm a salad hound, at the weekend I'll have a little, just a little, of what I fancy, a few pints if I must but it's back to it come monday. Running is new to me but I enjoy it and I'm not fussed about racing or anything but my immediate ambition is to run a 5k. I'm easily doing 2 miles after a couple of weeks so hopefully in another month or so I'll be ready to tackle a 5k run....If I can work out how far 5k is.image

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