Stour Valley Fat Ass 100k

Matt...would love to do this but am on honeymoon!

If you don't know Matt and don't know these sorts of events, they are very low key, but a fantastic way to see trails. Matt is a superb organiser and a great source of information and inspiration on anything ultra. The Stour Valley is a beautiful place. All the best for this challenging event.


  • Thanks fella.

    You mean you didn't consider cancelling the honeymoon to be available to run my event. image

    The weather is looking lovely for Sunday. There's a small group of now attempting the 100km. Really quite looking forward to it.

  • Hi Matt, How did the Fat Ass go last month? I'm looking in to doing the 100k next year. Is there any info you can give me on it? 

    Thanks Nick Farmer, Newmarket

  • The event went well. We ended up covering more than 100k though because there was a diversion on the route. That combined with a couple of wrong turns meant we probably covered closer to 110k. The ground was really muddy too which slowed us and those 2 factors combined to make it a 15 hour run.

    It a nice course though. More challenging terrain towards the end though.

    I have a lot of info on the Stour Valley Path. Drop me an email and I will send you links. If you are on Dropbox that would help greatly.
  • Hi Matt, 

               Wow, sounds tough but good. I'd also like some training ideas if possible. If I should be running an ultra on the build up and that kind of thing. 

    my email is :-

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