Sore knees

I have been running every other day for a couple of weeks after a very long break from running. I was dead pleased with myself sorting a couple of good 4.5 mile circuits from my home around the lanes and footpaths. Even my husband was pleased that I was finding my feet again. On my last run I was running for most of it just taking a walking break on a hill for about half a mile a third of the way into the run. I just got into that non stop zone and kept on going. I got home and stretched out well. In the morning I was hobbling. The front inside of both my knees were very painful, feeling a bit puffy and giving me stabbing pains if I put pressure on the balls of my feet (going up and down stairs is horrible). Three days later and they are still sore, not as bad but enough to stop me going out again. Voltarol gel isn't really having any effect. What have I done!?
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