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I have been following the Couch25k programme, and on Wk 2, Day 2. The first four workouts, I have been using the treadmill, but as it was a humid evening last night, I decided to brave the roads and follow day2. Now I have to say I did enjoy it, but a bit concious of what the traffic thought of me running ( I am not a graceful runner).. but my goodness, the front of my thighs are killing me today.. and getting stiffer as the day goes on.. to the point of after sitting in the Cinema for a couple of hours tonight, I hobbled out like an old woman. lol. 

Question is.. Why am I like this? I havent been sore after using the treadmill, and also, is it okay to go out and run tomorrow night?




  • Was your route mostly up-hill? That would stress those muscles. Try running down some hills to stretch out the tension.

    Otherwise, it's just a case of making sure you're wearing the right shoes, building up your muscles gradually and getting enough rest.
  • also running outside is more of a workout than running on the treadmill so you have probably worked harder than you are used to.

  • Thanks for replying.. tonight I ran, and noticed it was a 'tiny bit' up hill.. and this could be considered climbing Everest.. in comparison to how fit I amimage I was very sore tonight, so give them a good stretch and soaked in a hot bath. The program is 3 times a week, so not out again till Sat, and that should give the old musculars a bit of time to rest. Given that.. it was funny that although it was hard work.. I enjoyed it. 

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    Don't worry about what anyone else thinks. There are some people that are just plain stupid and like to heckle. they think it's funny. Others are much more encouraging. We appear to have some very nice young men around here who say nice things when you run past. image

    You will get sore as you run, the dreadmill absorbs a lot of the impact, your legs are now taking that impact. It maybe that although you are fit enough to run the distance you did, your legs aren't up to it yet. If the soreness doesn't ease then mix and match your running for a couple of weeks.

    The front of my thighs tend to hurt more when I'm running faster so you might want to slow down on the road runs, again probably only until you have got used to the additional impact of road running.

    Glad that you are enjoying the running. I have to admit that it hurt me muchly when I started running, the first Q. I asked here was does it always hurt.

  • I had this all the time during my C25k until I discovered stretching! I look like a total berk but do three lots of static stretching on the way home from a run somewhere quiet, followed by the sitting down ones at home, and it's made a huge difference for me. The ones I do are here: image They are really simple and only take a few minutes. I can now walk the same day and day after runs image

    PS hope you keep trying road running - the changes of scenery and weather help keep you interested and engaged in the process of running in a way which treadmills never did for me, and makes you really aware of the seasons. Nothing makes you feel as alive as running when it starts to rain! Good luck!

  • I find that after I finish running, if I walk for 5 to 10 minutes, it helps with the next day(s) muscle pain; also as has been mentioned, stretching helps too.

    What I don't do anymore is just sit down after I've ran, 'cos that really stiffens me up for the next day.

  • I rested from last Wed to Sat, and it was an easier run on Sat and tonight. Will look at those stretched on you tube now, thanks. And I am proud to announce that I got my first toot from a car horn on Sat night image. So now on Wk3 Day2. 

  • nicdon wrote (see)

     I got my first toot from a car horn on Sat night image.

    It happens to me all the time when I wear my Ipod earphones and don't look where I'm going!

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