Asics Gel Kayano 18 shoes

Anybody else had blister problems with Asics Gel Kayano 18 shoes or is it just me? Got a pair last week.  Went for a gentle 3 mile jog to break them in and had no problems then, but went for a 4 mile run last night and got really bad blisters down the inside of my foot on the top third of my foot up towards my big toe. 

Not sure what the problem is.  Checked the inside of the show thinking i'd find something jagged as it had felt there was, but felt nothing untoward there. 

Don't know whether to take them back or not as its a lot of money to have a show that might not be compatible with me. 


  • 7 miles isn't a lot to break a shoe in. Change your socks, use some BodyGlide or Vaseline to redule rubbing and give them another go once your feet are recovered.
    Might also be worth wearing them around the house for a day or two just so they can mould to your feet a bit. 

  • I have blister problems in the area you mention, with Asics Cumulus which I've been wearing for years. Each new pair I get, I take the insoles out and carefully diagonally shave off a little bit of the underside of them just in the area that gives me blisters.I use a stanley knife to get a clean cut and take off as little as possible. Usually I go back and do it two or three times till the shoe feels totally comfortable.

    Works for me!

  • Yes! Exactly there on the insde of my left arch. I've run in ASICS always and these Kayanos are no good. They were fine over shorter distances but as soon as I upped my miles over ten they have given me grief and the biggest blister I have ever seen. My toe nails are black as well even though the trainer is the same size. On mine the lining has come loose in a way that has never happened on previous trainers even after they had gone well past their life span. There is far too much movement inside the trainer. I have tried blister socks - no difference. Really disappointed.

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