Aqua Jogging - how to/what workouts

So I've accepted I'll be out of running for another 3 months and have been in the pool with my aqua jogger a couple of far so good! 

What workouts should I be doing with the AJ though?  How long should I do it for and what intensity (have come off 50 mile running weeks so need some full on aerobic exercise!)?  Any tips to relieve the boredom?


  • Errr - I borrowed a second aqua jogger from someone and me & an also-benched clubmate would just aqua jog round the deep end of the pool for an hour together gossipping - which I think replaced the "social club run" bit of our normal training schedule! image

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    I've been aquajogging for a while now, as I'm benched with a hip injury.  I've been doing it with a club-mate and, as Fido2Dogs says, it's good for chatting and keeping up the social side. But I also find that doing it with someone is good for keeping each other going/ not feeling so silly by yourself.

    We often do little sessions in the middle, like 1 min hard, 30 secs recovery, progressing to 2 mins hard, 45 secs rec. Total of an hour, including warm up and warm down - sometimes longer periods of 'tempo' effort.  Gets the legs working, although it never fully makes up for not running.  We haven't tried to do it very seriously, as I know I have a long while to wait before I can return to running (having already been out for 1.5 years, after doing hard marathon training).

    There was a useful article with some suggested sessions here:

    Good luck with your recovery.


  • Thank you!  I have 2 very kind friends who have been accompanying me (despite not being injured!) so have been doing the chatting, just felt maybe I should be 'pushing' myself ha ha, training for an aqua jog marathon or something....

    About to read that article, thanks

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    I did this whilst being injured during my marathon training. Found it hard to 'do it right' to start with and there seems to be limited information n it.

    What worked for me was:

    Remaining in the deep end and doing short 'lengths'

    I did mainly 'speed work' focusing on 6 minutes of going all out with one mi ute recovery- found this kept me thinking about my form and keeping me focused

    I did 'long runs' of up to 2 hours - but found these incredibly dull after a while......

    It's really hard to get your heart rate up doing this, but everyone seems to say that.

    I found doing 'shorter, littlier' strides made it harder than bigger ones.

    I kept myself upright at all times and made sure I wasn't leaning forward (not sure if that's right, but worked for me)

    I fully recommend aqua jogging, I think the speed work really helped too as I was faster when I eventually got back to land running.

    Hope it works for you!

    I felt a right twit the whole time - you're very lucky to have people who will do it with you!
  • Thanks kaffeeg, I've did an interval session the other day, 5 mins hard then 1 min recovery and did 8 reps I felt that worked well, and you're spot on about 'form', I've researched this online and makes big difference.

    Also would recommend a waterproof MP3 player to anyone else contemplating this - really helped me when I did 90 min long ;'run' in the pool.....

  •  but found these incredibly dull after a while...... It's really hard to get your heart rate up doing this, but everyone seems to say that. I found doing 'shorter, littlier' strides made it harder than bigger ones.


  • Does anyone know of any training for aqua running in london? Have a hamstring injury st pregnancy and am Descartes to get back to land running ASAP so want to do AJ correctly...
  • If you look at the aquajogger website there is an article on 'form' that I found very helpful. It's pretty straightforward once you get going.

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