Inguinal hernia

There are a few bits on here about recovery from hernias, but nothing about exercise while waiting for an op. My husband has been told by his GP that he has a reducable inguinal hernia and should not do any strenuous exercise until it's fixed. He's got an an appt at hospital in September but is looking at about 3 months waiting list for an op. Given he was hoping to run a couple of marathons in this time and cycle up some serious hills - he is not a happy chap. 

Obviously he really shouldn't be doing anything too strenuous - but do you reckon he's all right to do some moderate running (shorter distances, not so fast!) and cycling. Anything else people have done to stop themselves (and their wives / partners etc) from going mad whilst waiting for treatment?

It's not causing him any pain at the mo... and it only appeared at the weekend.



  • I just carried on running normally while I waited for surgery on mine.  It didn't seem to do any harm.

    I think stuff like weightlifting might not be a good idea, but running shouldn't cause a problem.  Maybe get some compression shorts to keep it in place?

  • Wow Amelia sorry to hear that your o/h has to wait so long...

    Went to see the quack this monday and the Hospital called today and I am in on the 9th (16days later) to see the surgeon...and if he's happy..they will slice and dice me that day...



  • Wow! That's excellent. Maybe it's because we're in London... He ended up having to go private in the end, otherwise I think we'd still be waiting. Back to running now and in fact doing Chester Marathon next weekend. Hope your recovery is as fast!


  • This is in The Netherlands and everything is 'Private' so cash is king...

    Good luck with the Chester Jaunt....

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