Muscle Warrior Haileybury 10K


Did anyone do this race last year?



  • Hi Joggerdag - if you've any questions, let me know and we'll do our best to answer

    To get a flavour of last year's event - see:

    Do hope you'll be joining us this year on Sun 22nd July

    All best

  • I ran last year and the year before. And I'm going again. So there's an endorsement!

  • Hope to be running tomorrow first time
  • Hope you had a good run.

    Fantastic turnout and feedback so far has been v-positive.

    Results will be posted tomorrow ie. Monday 23rd July 2012.


  • Really enjoyed the race ...  managed to avoid the mud traps! Thanks to all involved in organising the event. I thought the marshals and volunteers enthusiasm was brilliant. Cant wait for next year.

  • Chief Muscle Warrior, I can't BELIEVE I have to wait til tomorrow to get my results! It's too exciting! My watch died and my boyfriend didn't spot me at the finish line (or hear the fabulous commentator shout out 'well done' to me), so couldn't stop his watch either. So I'm eagerly waiting...

    It was Such a fun race and what amazing weather! I haven't done a race for ages and am coming back from injury so was nice to run in such great surroundings.

  • Huge thanks to everyone involved today.  The 5k today was my first race since a break following an injury and apart from starting off much too fast it was great fun and a nice challenge.  I think I came 7th out of the 5k racers in about 25 mins but can't wait until tomorrow to find out the official rankings!

  • A wonderful family day for a great cause. The course was testing but good and the sun even shone. I 'enjoyed' the 10K and my children loved the 1k 'Toddle'. Can't wait for next year - lovely atmosphere.

  • But where are the RESULTS? Such a lot of effort on a phone with a crap signal!
  • Agreed... come on MW - I want to know how I did!! image

  • me too!! anyone seen the results?

  • Results are up now:

    7th of the 5k racers in 25:22 suits me! image  I'll win it next year...image

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