I think you all heard  about  Claire Squires.  If you haven't, she was that young lady who died on Sunday 22 April 2012 age 30, who ran almost  the whole course of 26 miles  of the London Marathon and collapse and died around 25 miles go onto 26 miles. She was raising money for the Samaritans  in memory of her brother who died in 2001.

She raised over million poundsimage


  • Karen. This is old old news. Yes people die of heart defects but it isn't exactly the new cholera is it?
  • Update on the story from the Guardian.

    Claire Squires, the 30 year old who died while running the London marathon last year, had the now-banned stimulant, Jack3d, in her waterbottle.

    "Claire was always in the gym and this stuff was being widely talked about there," said Simon Van Herrewege, her boyfriend of three years.

    Speaking at Squires' inquest in Southwark on Wednesday, he added. "She took it a couple of times [while training for the marathon] but didn't really get on with it. She never particularly liked it but wanted to beat her previous marathon time [of just over four hours].

    "She said she was going to take one scoop, as recommended. In her own words: 'If I hit a bit of a wall, I might take this drink and see if it pushes me through the end of the marathon,'" he added.

    Van Herrewege said Squires had gone online to buy the energy drink, said to boost energy, concentration and metabolism. Jack3d was banned in August last year, four months after Squires' death, after concerns over a stimulant called DMAA (dimethylamylamine) in the powder.

    DMAA has been linked to high blood pressure, headaches, vomiting, stroke and a death.

    Last year, the UK's medicines watchdog MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) ruled DMAA was unlicensed and that all products containing the stimulant must be removed from the market to protect public safety.

    Similar rulings have been made around the world, including in the US and Australia, where a man died after buying DMAA online.

    It is not known if Squires drank the water containing the powder after 15 miles, as Van Herrewege said she had been planning, but he testified that Squires, a hairdresser, was carrying the bottle containing the powder as she set off on the race.

    The inquest also heard that although Stephanie Curnoe, Squires's acupuncturist, has said she identified an irregular heartbeat in the runner in 2011, the hairdresser had not mentioned that either to her family, boyfriend or doctor.

    "Claire knew what she was doing," said Van Herrewege. "She was a very healthy girl. If anything was wrong with her, she would go and see a doctor. She was always very open with me and her family if anything was wrong with her but didn't say anything about the acupuncturist's saying she had a irregular heartbeat."

    In a statement read out to the inquest, Squires' GP, Dr H Delargy, said she "didn't consult with me as regarding an irregular heartbeat".

    In a statement read out to the inquest, Squires' father, Paul, said his daughter had experienced two convulsions when she was three and five.

    The hearing continues.
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    BBC news is reporting that the DMAA was found in her system and could be a contributing factor to her death.
  • From Telegraph on line

    Five days after last April’s London Marathon - and in a development completely unrelated to the tragedy of Miss Squires’ death - the US Food and Drug Administration wrote to retailers of products containing DMAA.

    The letter said DMAA was “known to narrow the blood vessels and arteries, which can elevate blood pressure and may lead to cardiovascular events ranging from shortness of breath and tightening in the chest to heart attack”.

    It went on: “The agency has received 42 adverse event reports on products containing DMAA. While the complaints do not establish that DMAA was the cause of the incidents, some of the reports have included cardiac disorders, nervous system disorders, psychiatric disorders, and death.”

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