Fruit juice as a sports drink?

I've recently switched from a vegetarian diet to a mostly raw food diet. One of the things I haven't changed is my Zero sports drinks when I'm out running. However, I'm now thinking about using fresh juice instead, but I haven't been able to find out much about which work, or whether they should be diluted with water.

Has anyone tried fresh fruit juices, or seen any articles about it?


  • hi yes i saw an article on making own sports drink:

    it was fruit juice with a touch of salt i seem to remember, diluted.

    if i'm not mistaken . .  it was in Mens Health magazine (which i borrowed from work for the articles . .  .)

    if i find the info i'll get back on here with it.

  • Homemade sports drinks are easy and usually much cheaper than the branded options. Here's one link that gives some info and a basic recipe. You do need to dilute the juice, and also to add some sodium. 

    One thing to bear in mind is that Zero is a low-carb sports drink. If you start using fruit juice and your gut isn't used to digesting whilst you're running you may experience some tummy trouble, so use it in training first!

  • Thank you Sarahs!

    Will check out the recipies - good point on the carbs.

    I've used chia seeds with lime in the past, which worked really well for me - never got a stitch while I used them. Might pop to Holland and Barrett and stock up...

  • I used watered down fruit juice with a pinch of salt in it - on long rides or when I have more money I use watered down coconut water


    Good luck with the raw thing I have tried and felt better for it - must get back into it again

  • Hi pbab - I use what I call 50:50 which is 250ml OJ and 250ml water together which is a concept I got from Anita Bean's Sports Nutrition book but only if I'm out for over an hour but less than 2 (in which case I would keep up my practice of taking gels whilst carrying water).

    Jason Vale's last book (Funky Fresh Juice) has a section for juices for exercise and includes recipes for a marathon shake, cardio juice, recovery drink and muscle building shake (along with explanations of why they're good for you).  Well worth a look if you're into juicing... 


  • I've also used the half juice, half water mix as well as I find that sports drinks make me feel nauseous when running.

    I will try the recipe you posted a link to Sarah - thanks for that image

  • Ran with half juice, half water tonight - a mix of two grapefruits, one lime and a squirt of Agave Nectar to take the edge off - went very well, not even the hint of a stitch. Might add a pinch of sea salt next time. 

    Compared the nutritionals of Zero to those of a grapefruit, and bar the sodium the grapefruit wins hands down.

    Thanks for the info on the book Sleepy Bear - will go take a look. image

    Maddy - roughly 50:50 on the raw at the moment, though intending to ramp it up.

  • hi,

    i found the little bit of info i had read:

    make your own 'isotonic drink': 500ml pure water, 500ml good quality fruit juice, 1/4 teaspoon salt.

    it goes without saying on here, doesnt it, that 'fruit juice' means just that, not 'fruit juice drink' or cordials, squashes etc?

    and i guess the person who wrote it decided, from all the 'waters' available (pond, toilet, swimming pool, bath . . ) that 'pure water' tastes best, tee hee hee!

    good luck, and in the words of the very old NYPD Blues, be careful out there . . .

    (showing my age now, no-one else needs to admit they can remember it too)

  • Just checking the nutritional info on vegetables, and discovered that 100g of celery has more sodium than 100ml of sport drink - about twice as much.

    Thinking on the next run I may go for celery, apple and lime. The celery on its own is just too salty to my taste...

    Wonder whether "impure water" includes beer... image

    I remember NYPD Blues, Sarah - wondering if there are any good running related quotes from Cagney & Lacey?

  • i guess beer could be considered impure water!!! what would it do to your running experience or style?

    i was never too keen on c&l, and now that i've put nypd blues, i think it was actually 'hill street blues' wasnt it? i can hear the music in my head now! oh dear!

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