Starting Cross Country

I am entering my second year of high school and I wanted to join the cross country team. I can barely run a mile at this point but I have about a month to train up to it. It's a no cut team but I still want to be able to keep up with the other members. My goal is that by August 8th, I will be capable of running 5k within 30 minutes.  

Any advice or tips? 


  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    Couch to 5k maybe.

    Generally younger runners do a great deal of interval work compared to most of us olduns.

    It's very easy to include intervals in your runs just by running fast then jogging, then running fast etc. You can use lamp posts or similar to mark your distance. I used to run laps of a pond, one fast, one slow etc.

    Building endurance can be done in a similar way - jog walk or jog run. Generally if you want to run further you need to run slower. Building up the distance slowly. You need to be running 3 or 4 times a week. other exercises maybe useful as well.

    Our young runners do a greatdeal of drills and the older runners do a lot of core.
    Make sure that you are doing a percentage of your running off road as this will help you keep up with the others.

  • Thanks! I have already downloaded the app. I am on week 5 on the treadmill (I know, pathetic!) But hopefully that progress will transfer to the streets nicely! 

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