Hydration & Salt replacement...

Hi all, after some advice again...

I have been mainly fuelling on lucosade (2x 500ml bottles to 1x bottle of water), in my camelback for longer runs and ultra races. I'm starting to find this impractical when i have to refill and become self-sustained...

So what would people recommend as far as tablets? I sweat quite a lot and therefore lose quite a lot of salt, so prob need a higher salt / electrlyte content. Nuun? Zero? SIS? Isostar? I cramped really badly towards the end of the Cardiff Ultra and this, i think, was due to not drinking / rehydrating properly...


  • SB - I use Nuun or Elete electrolyte. Both are good and would recommend either of them to use. Nuun are tablets that are 1 per 500ml water. The Elete electrolyte are drops and you put in 5 per 100ml of fluid.

    The bonus of the Elete stuff is that it won't leave your camelbak bladder in a mess. The down side is for 1 litre into the bladder you need 60 drops!

  • I use actual tablets that you take with water. Very popular in the US but not widely available here. Got mine off my protein and they work out very cheap.
  • S-Caps?

  • Cheers guys, think i'll need to trial run a few...

    WIB, i'll check out those S-Caps.

  • Another vote for s caps here, I used to use nuun but found for long runs when I repeatedly re fill my bladder I use got sick of the taste and so drank less, with the s caps I can keep plain water on board and easily regulate my electrolyte intake
  • With regards to the cramping, lack of electrolytes is always blamed but if your muscles are just not used to the work you are asking of them then they may cramp anyway.

     If you are sweating a lot and have a high salt loss because of your genetics or a general high salt diet, you will not be able to replace the loss for longer sessions as absorption rates even at optimal levels are way below loss rates.

    The only alternative is to slow down so sweating/loss is of a managable level and your replacement can stave off the crunch time for as long as possible. And cut down the salt in your diet as much as possible because that has an effect on how much you lose when you sweat.

  • Succeed S! caps for me too. Same as Lirish for me, can't stand taste of nuun after hours of running. S caps, I drop 1 an hour and never have issues with cramping etc (famous last words)

  • i would recommend dioralyte, can't abide the taste of those zero ones

  • Tried most of them but SIS Go Lemon & Lime works for me, even on very long runs.

    Easy on the stomach and use a little less then the recommended amount.


  • Take a look at eletewater, concentrated liquid electrolyte in a little 25ml re-fillable squeezy bottle, (enough for 10 litres). Got me through 100-miles last weekend image


  • cheers all, lots of choices there then!

  • Try a few on your long Sunday runs to find which works best for yourself. Want to be going for 3 hours plus to get a good idea though.

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