Camelbac Flashflo LR

For medium long runs I prefer using a waiste hydration system. I've previously been using and happy with the Camelbac Montara. They discontinued this and have since bought the Flashflo LR -similar but not as good, because there are no pocket on the front belt, and, more importantly it feels unbalanced when full of water. A bit top heavy, resulting in it wobbling unless you tighten it so much it cuts you in half!

Anyone else got any ideas for similar waiste hydration packs on the maket?


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    I've had a Flashflo for years and it suits me fine - the lack of a front pocket is neither here of there for me.   it's true that you have to have it tight when it's full as it can bounce up and down alarmingly if you don't and get on your tits after a while, but I guess I've got used to it.

    there aren't many bladder waistpacks around - the only other one usually mentioned in the UK is the Inov-8 one -  there are some others in the US but I'm not sure if they are available in the UK

    the other alternatives are to either got to a full rucsac style or use a bottle belt (loads of companies make them)

  • Steve B 74Steve B 74 ✭✭✭

    NOT a waist hydration system, but I just picked up a fuelbelt 4 bottle and I like it a lit better than the backpack bladder I tried recently (very handy but noisy and made we sweat a couple of bucket fulls).  Have only tested it out on a short 5km run but it'll get 21kms tomorrow.

     The belt has some stretch to it so if fits very snug and does not bounce.  Having the water weight distributed accross 4 bottles works well.  Getting the bottles back into the elasticated straps after a drink was challenging with one hand, but very easy with two.  I struggled a little when I was swapping bottles from back to front though.  Felt like I needed a third hand - or more practice.

    The positioning of the bottle is just right to ensure your arms and elbows aren't making contact as you stride.

    The pocket at the front is too small for a phone, big enough for maybe 20 jelly babies.

    I probably took me 10 minutes before I couldn't even feel it was there. 

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