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I had to defer my place at the VLM this year due to injury so as I'll be running it next year I thought it wise to book the accommodation early.  I left it late last time and everything was expensive and out of my budget image 

Anyone stay anywhere cheap and not grotty this year that could give me a recommendation?  I'd really prefer not to be too far from the start as I don't know London and will probably be on my own so will be prone to panicking if I have a long or complicated tube journey in the morning (especially as I'm scared of escalators). 


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    I'm in the same boat with a deferreed entry next year and had the same thoughts.  The one thing that stopped me is that the cheap advanced prices are based on paying now.  For 2012, I'd booked my hotel through the Holiday Inn marathon package which was an expensive option - however, when I injured myself I was able to cancel without cost.  

    So there is a risk that somethng will happen and I wont be able to run next year, but I'll have already paid for the hotel.


  • I'm just looking for a bed to stay for the night really, not doing a package thing.  I'll be going next year regardless of whether I can run it or have to walk it!  And to be honest I'd rather spend much less money now and take a small risk on loosing it than have to pay three times the amount later and have to stay miles away from the route. 

  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭

    IBIS Excel is about £130 for twin room cancelable up to the day before.

  • TST - if you stay in central london its easy to get to the start. All the trains start from Charing Cross so you just come out of your hotel and follow the nearest person with a kit bag - they'll be walking to the station. And then its easy to go get a shower after and head off to the pub.  Wear your tiger hat so we recognise you !

  • £130 is out of my budget Mr Boat!

    I shall see if I can find a cheap place around there then Cougie.  And if it's cold I'll definitely be wearing the hat!! image

  • If you scroll thru the VLM forum - theres a school PTA that does BnB near the start for really sensible money. May be worth asking there ? I think the cheapest you'll get in town is about £100 for the room.  But if you have a pal with you - £50 per person ?

  • Im in Charing cross hotel for £105 double room per night. Book last week. Try hotel maps, shows all hotels and prices on a map, really easy to use. 

  • Got one now thanks Michael.  Booked in at a nice one in Stratford close to the DLR so no phaffing about with the trains in the morning.  Got a double for £64 for the night.image  They seem to be one of the few hotel chains that don't put their prices up just because it's the marathon! image

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi Two Stroke Tart - Ive seen that you've already booked but the B&B option is absolutely fantastic. Close to the start and they're great to welcome you through.

    I decided on the cheap option this year and had the worse nights sleep on my cousins boat... if i get in this year - i'll choose the B&B

  • Hi all the novotel is a fantastic hotel. Its in southwark bridge. The hotel has a good gym and a steam room. Just the job before you run. Its 5 mins from the train station which is free straight 2 greenwich or blackheath

  • Premier inn Greenwich was great this year,walk to the start,easy train journey back from finish,friendly staff,gonna book it soon as I am going up wether I get an entry or not?
  • I completed the 2010 VLM and stopped at the Premier Inn at excel. It was great they had a special menu on the night before for carb loading and the breakfast included every recommended option you could wish for. The only problem was getting back from the finish. 

    I had to defer my entry from last year but didn't think twice about using premier Inn again, but stopping at county hall this time (my wife can carry me back from the finish image)

  • Booked in premier inn Greenwich immediately after entering ballot whether I'm running or not. Got family room between 3 of us. At least one of us must be successful in the ballot !?! Don't have to pay until arrival and can cancel up to 24 hrs before. Not sure what availability will be like now though.

  • Just booked Premier Inn at Blackfriars (which is brand new and opened on 1st Sept)  for the Fri & Sat night, family room relatively cheap for 4 people, and like Holymoly said being able to cancel for free and not having to pay yet is a bonus.

    Availability seemed fine on all the Premier Inns at the moment - thought I best book before the VLM magazines started dropping through the door.  I've got guaranteed entry due to 5 rejects !!!! just got to train now !!


  • I thought they stopped that guarenteed entry thing a couple of years ago CK44?  Seem to recall there were a few people who were a might pee'd off the year it stopped who would have got guarenteed entry that year and then didn't get it image

  • When Virgin took over from Flora they allowed anyone that had 3 or 4 rejects to continue "collecting" them !!

    So anyone newly rejected couldn't join the 5 rejects scheme, but anyone already in it could carry on !!!! Thats what they told me.  

    his year I had a early ballot application because I was "such a reject" (lol)

  • lol  Love the way they phrased that!!  Glad you have a place after all this waiting image

  • Also a five times reject!

    If you are happy to stay a little out of town, I would suggest somewhere east of Blackheath/ Greenwhich.  Its been a decade since I lived in SE London but I seem to remember the trains go to Dartford and Orpington from both Greenwich and Blackheath, so a hotel  or b&b should be cheap down that way, and yet still have great links to the start and finish.

    I'm coming from Essex, so Dad is droping me off at Dartford railway station and I am expecting room to swing a cat on the train direct to the start.

  • Thanks to the people that keep posting suggestions, but I did get sorted some time ago! image

  • CK44 - also booked into the prem inn at Blackfriars but will have to travel to start by myself. Just checked underground maps and tried a journey search which was not helpful as engineering works on the lines so would like to know - What line would I get on and is it straight through to Greenwich/ start?
  • I'm no expert on London (coming from West Midlands), but thought I'd get Circle/District line to Tower Hill and then get DLR to start ???

    Can any locals advise ?

    Camlo, I will also be going to start on own, perhaps we could meet up over brekkie ?
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