Help. What would you do?



  • I think the worst bit might be being stuck in limbo - "shall I do it... shan't I do it". I hope that by making a decision (even if the decision is to decide later on) it'll be better.


  • Carpathius that is so true! I've been in that limbo for a few weeks now and it's driving me insane!
  • tricialitttricialitt ✭✭✭

    Elli- there are shorter races at Loch Ness weekend- there's the 10k - you could ask about transferring your marathon entry to the shorter distance- then your trip has a purpose, but you can do the shorter race, and enjoy a bit of faster running.

    .............or go for the marathon anyway, it IS beautiful up there, the race is a lovely friendly one, LOTS of folk end up walking bits, since it is slightly hilly, you could have a good day taking it at a relaxed pace .

    What ever you decide, even if it's to travel up there, and see how you feel on the day, I hope things start to improve. We do this for realxation, don't let it become an extra burden to struggle with.

  • Hey Elli, practical suggestion here: Don't make any decision about Loch Ness yet - it's still months away. You might feel better by then and would be kicking yourself for pulling out. As Phil said, it's a beautiful route (with no chance of a PB anyway due to the hills) and well worth doing no matter how slowly. You almost HAVE to go slow to take in the scenery, which is utterly stunning.

    I'm doing it with a couple of friends and I think I can safely say we're going to be very near the back. He'll have done 30-35 marathons in 2012 by that point and I'll (hopefully) have managed a 40 miler the week before. So we're both going to be pretty knackered even on the start line. So if you'd like to meet up with us for some back-of-pack encouragement, it would be lovely to have more company and someone else to chat to while bimbling round.

    We'd probably be looking at something like a 6 hr finish time, so I'm not kidding when I say we're slow. image

  • Well I went on a 9 miler today. No rain, nice sunny spells and I loved it! Felt a lot lighter this time, I think the increased cycling in the past two weeks has really helped.

    I think I will go for Loch Ness marathon for sure. I think it's too much of an opportunity to miss. When I was a kid I alwaysd deamt of Loch Ness monster and the Scottish mountains. I now live much closer, have a fantastic opportunity to take it all in! Event signed up for, accommodation paid for.... I will do it!

    I'm not so sure about Helsinki. I will do what I do in regards to training and see how I feel about it when I'm there. I might have to adapt to run-walk method for that one, which doesn't really bother me that much. It's my home country and I'll have some friends supporting me so can't go wrong with trying.

    This thread has really helped me to get my motivation back. I really appreciate all the comments from everyone, it's a lovely thing to see that people care and take their time to reply!

    Runs-with-dogs, I'd love to join you!! It would be nice to have people to talk to. Where abouts are you staying? I'm staying in Iona B&B on Kenneth road.

  • Elli, I haven't a clue where we're staying yet - usually book a place last minute, sometimes as last minute as when we're in the car driving there! Will maybe need to get more organised this year as there's a few of us going along. Could maybe even meet up the evening before - I know it can be a bit boring if you're on your own...

  • I'm hoping OH will come as I was planning us to stay there few nights after the marathon but he hasnt said yes or no image

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