Running and Dental Implants


Following the loss of a tooth (#31, lower molar) in an accident, I am keen to get a dental implant put in the gap.  Does anyone have experience (or the medical knowhow) as to whether or not implants are affected in terms of their structure and lifespan by high-milage running (around 80-90 miles per week, around 10 marathons per year)?


Thanks in advance! image

- Scott


  • Running per se would have no effect on the durability, function or longevity of a well placed implant. Implants are integrated to bone so are able to take a normal amount of force. My only concern would be if you were grinding or clenching your teeth a lot, which is possible if you are frequently under periods of strain during running. However, that is not a contra-indication to you getting an implant.

  • Phew........for a minute there I thought you were going to give a contra-indication to him getting an implant.
  • Well dental implant are the best option for fixing your missing tooth/teeth.

    They are anytime better than dentures or bridges as per my own experience. Give the complete feeling of original teeth. In this a screw is fitted in your jaw bone on which dental crown is fixed using post. Now a day dental implant are available at quite affordable cost $1999 only. All goes well if you had an expert dental implants specialist.

  • Now a day's in dental implants procedure, new technologies are includes and within one day you can get new teeth without any pain. It is safe for your teeth so you should follow dental implants procedure.

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