I like going naked  in the privacy of my own garden/home/private spot somewhere


What is it with being naked in a hotel?



  • Where in the hotel?! In your room is fine, the lobby...less so hehehe
  • A totally naturist hotel. Naked everywhere. Dining room, bar, garden.....

  • oiyouoiyou ✭✭✭

    All you need to know is that other people are different to you. They are not required to explain themselves any more than you are required to understand them.

    Personally I find the idea of being tattooed no less weird than naturism. But that's other people for you.

  • Is trying to understand others, that wrong?

  • oiyouoiyou ✭✭✭

    No, of course not, but I thought I sensed some disapproval.

  • 'Naked in a hotel'. ?

    That is just plain wrong!

    It's 'Naked in an hotel'.



  • cj dold wrote (see)

    'Naked in a hotel'. ?

    That is just plain wrong!

    It's 'Naked in an hotel'.

    errmm..  no...   naked in a hotel is the correct grammar..


  • oi - no disaproval just a lack of understanding


    I understand naturism - nothing better than feel of sun or air on your skin. Feeling air conditioning or a hot carrot dropped in my lap just doesn't quite work for me

  • I'm with OW, I mean David Bellamy is a great naturalist but I wouldn't want to see him nekid in a hotel, with or without a hot carrot in his lap !


  • A naturist naturalist naturally image


  • Not in an hotel no - but here in Germany there are quite a lot of swimming pools that have nudist days, also of course the saunas are nudist but you do have to put on a robe or sit on a towel at the bar or in the cafe, for sanitary reasons. I do not have a problem with it, I find it really invigorating to feel the air on my skin out in the rest areas and to swim au nature.

  • I watched The An Hotel Inspector last night and I found the whole set up of the Clover Spa Naturist Hotel to be a bit weird. Compulsory nudism in all areas? Britain just doesn't have the weather for Naturist.

    I have been of quite a few naturist beaches and found the biggest advantage is that after your swim your don't have to sit in a wet,sandy costume. Happy to go naked in Saunas and at Nudist Beaches but British Naturist Hotels? Not for me.
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    I used to lifeguard at a centre that was hired out every 3 months to a local naturist group, the whole centre including bar, cafe as well.  They also played badminton and used the bouncy castle!

  • I hate clothes and would much prefer to go without them most of the time.  But there are times when clothes are necessary for warmth and protection.  True naturists wear clothes when appropriate - when cooking for example to protect against hot fat splashes.  But there is this misunderstanding that naturists insist on going without clothes in all situations and I don't like the idea of a hotel that insists that you are naked at all times.  I would hate to be sitting there cold just because they think it inapproriate to put clothes on.  Also, being large chested, there are some situations when it is just uncomfortable not to have a bra on.

  • Never quite understood the sudden urge to play games that you would play clothed.
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Me neither, I just worked the shifts! 

  • Definately wouldn't be happy seeing naked people everywhere in a hotel. OP does say it's a naturist hotel so not sure what he/she expected. I for one wouldn't go to a naturist hotel

  • MartenkayMartenkay ✭✭✭

    I got into UK naturism some years ago.Being male I felt there was always some suspicion or perhaps caution as I  was not allowed to many events unless I was accompanied by a female. In itself that was no big deal but I always felt there was something unwelcoming towards males because there seemed to be no restriction towards females. I think this uneasiness was understandable but heavy-handed.

    Naturists do have events all over the country. There was nothing sordid, steamy or untoward as the sniggering brigade might like to imagine. Surprisingly without the adornment of clothes there is a very muted sense of sex. Many people do accept nakedness in the privacy of their home without being naturists. I particularly enjoyed out of hours swimming arranged discreetly at various swimming pools. When it came to sport commonsense meant that you wore protective gear.

    Many wore some sort of wrap-rounds when generally walking about or dining.Also when chilly or cold clothes of some description were worn. On warm days on beach, private gardens or countryside it was nice to be naked but you need to be careful of insects.

    I think the philosophy of naturism can tend to be very personal: you enjoy it for your own reasons. I never saw any bad behaviour. Friendliness is very easy going and not as strained as you might imagine. My best holidays were at Cap D'Agade.

  • My first experience of communal nudity was in a spa in Switzerland.  The only people who were paid any attention were they two who wore swim-wear!

    I've really enjoyed being naked on a nudist beach in France.  It's very liberating.

    I don't think I'd be bothered about walking about naked in an hotel, if that's what the usual dress code was, but I also don't think I'd go on holiday in England and expect it to be warm enough to get my kit off!

  • Martenkay - I love nude swimming. It's not that I'm against nudity - it was 'the hotel inspector' which insisted on total nudity throughout the hotel that made me ponder. UK is way too cold for me to consider it!

  • MartenkayMartenkay ✭✭✭
    OW wrote (see)

    Martenkay - I love nude swimming. It's not that I'm against nudity - it was 'the hotel inspector' which insisted on total nudity throughout the hotel that made me ponder. UK is way too cold for me to consider it!

    OW this is the thing I found. On the one hand they preach relaxation and enjoying the feeling of nakedness then they have rules  which seem the very opposite and can vary from place to place. This can be unsettling for some in a new place among strangers.

    I agree that generally the UK does not lend itself well as open air naturism is limited to milder weather. However holidays abroad are arranged and the organiser can sort out local difficulties such as you found in your hotel. It can also be reassuring to be among people that you know. We preferred to go it alone but still got the benefit of our local friends.

    I have largely left naturism behind because of awkward rules etc. Additionally my wife disapproves but I think it is her feelings of not being a 'youngster' anymore!  

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Wilkie wrote (see)

      It's very liberating.


    Ah did this thread go 20 posts without someone wheeling this line out?


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Yes and if God had meant us to walk around with no clothes on we would have been born naked.

    Ok, that one belongs in the 'send an old joke to a rest home' category.

  • Yes Ric, but it's still worth remembering.

    Naked in my own home? Yes, what's the problem? The only potential embarrassment is that I have 2 daughters, growing through their teenage years, and the younger one has no perception of modesty. It's double standards I know, but getting visibly aroused at the sight of young girls is one thing, when they are family it's "not right". Sure, it's my problem to deal with.

    Public nudity, on the other hand, is liberating. There is that nervous risk factor to overcome. It's definitely unseemly to have a stiffy in public. Going swimming in the sea is so much easier than when wearing a cossie. When clad, even in light summer swimwear, there is a cold shock as the waves hit the covered areas. When naked there's just no edge line and no clinging wet lycra/nylon when you get out.

    I don't think I'll try the technique at a triathlon though.


  • Blisters wrote (see)

    getting visibly aroused at the sight of young girls is one thing, when they are family it's "not right".


    I'm horrified by this?

    The men I know are either lying (young girls do not arouse them) or hiding their arousal?   how young are we talking Blisters?

  • You can get a stiffy because you need the toilet or just because the wind blows. It doesn't mean you want to rape the nearest person. If you can get over seeing a bare penis you can get over a bare erection.
  • One's 16, the other's 12. My wife's jealous of their boobage, reckons that must be from my side. The younger one jests about the older one's melons. The older one reckons that the younger will overtake her (as she's got more, ehem, padding).  

  • MartenkayMartenkay ✭✭✭

    Don't ever recall any such problems among naturists. Certainly there is the initial shock when going into cold water but that passes because you start to swim.

    I have no children but would think it odd to allow such arousal in the presence of your children. I think most male naturists would not expose their children to personal arousal never mind naturist friends.  

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