Friday 6 July

Come with me to a place no eyes have ever seen

Ok People what training are you doing today??

I'm Resting cos i'm busy tomorrow.

That's it

iano, iano, iano



  • Morning

    Yesterdays lyrics:Whitesnake and 'Here I go again'

    What:4.5M Easy/Steady

    Why:A recovery session

    Dry and mild up here.

    Catch up time

  • Morning.

    Boy did we have some rain go through in the small hours. Lingering at the moment but forecast to clear.

    What time are you off in the morning Paddy?

    What:                  short, easy run
    Why:                   easy run/optional rest day
    Last hard:            haven't done hard for a while
    Last rest:             11/6

    Lyrics - no.

  • Morning

    What 12 1/3
    Why The pure joy
    Lyrics no

    This will probably be last run until Tuesday now as i have a busy weekend of family and school stuff ahead.

    Found that I can get alot more done if I run before breakfast however we still have long grass. I spent most of yesterday cycling back and forth across town emergency preseant buying for various teachers.

  • good morning!
    DD - well done with the tri (and legoland...)
    Paddy - you carzy fool
    Emzap - good luck with whatever option you choose. The commute would be doable for 9 months, any longer you'd go mad
    RFJ - box ticked with the xc, we all have runs like that..

    weds- 4 miles along the Thames
    thurs - 5.1 mile tempo last night (rain feee!)
    today - couple of easy miles, it is friday after all

    lyric dont think so
    Have a great day and super weekend

  • Dustin - Guilty as charged

    LMH - Start is 10.00. I'm aiming to be there at 8.30.

    LMH - Mucho thanks again for tips- all will be taken on board. I must admit nervousness regarding the first 10 minutes - after that I am goin down the enjoyment route. The weather looks dodgy, rain i'm not worried about, but the wind?.

    Postie - before brekky is the way to go when things are busy!

    Who's racing?

    Regarding todays words - they probably are a bit tough, but those of you who know what i've been up to the last few days could guess (with playful divine intervention)


  • Morning from an extremely wet North-West and its forecast to stay that way all day...fortunately I won't be here as just about to get the train to Birmingham for daughter's graduation: the weather is more promising there.

    What: nothing
    Why: not due to the above, but due to caution. After a couple of days of Achilles and calf related improved sleep I had a bad night: seems fine now, though. Suspect I did too much (5 miles plus walking, plus on my feet from 8 to 4, then 3 hours at race etc etc). 

    Last night there were 386 finishers on a two lap course and all seems to have gone well: next race in two weeks. Hope Wabo enjoyed her outing too.

  • Meant to say that I was hardly surprised by Paddy's lyric choice.

  • morning all

    had a good race last night, 26.13 for 5k, another 20 secs off this years times (not pb), felt good and strong!!

    lyrics, nooooo

    paddy paddy paddy, what you doing tomorrow???

    alehouse I did I did! Glad achilles and calf easing

    what: 21 mile bike commute in and the same back home later, loving it!

    why: I have missed my bike thats why

    last hard: last night and this morning!

    last easy: wednesday

    have a great weekend all, 6 more sleeps!!!


  • Hi guys,

    just skimmed over the past couple of days.

    DD: I congratulated you over on the other thread but another iron distance event banked deserves another mention. So well done image

    emzap: looks like things are slowly falling into place. I'd say forget a job involving a 6 hour commute each day - life is too short to be wasted on public transport! And if you are moving to another country the last thing you want to do is see little to nothing of your partner. You may as well stay home in the UK and your current job if that was an option.

    Paddy: good luck tomorrow! Hope the swim isn't too crowded. I wish triathlons wouldn't have swimming in them ... freaks me out, that.

    alehouse: enjoy the graduation.

    Wabo: that's a lot of bike miles! Do you have a nice route then without too much traffic?

    My ankle seems to be fully recovered. So far I've racked up 38 miles since Monday and it's behaving. Phew.

  • Afternoon

    Wabo good going Seasons best is always good

    Chick i'd probably do a tri if it didn't involve swimming What would you replace the swim with

    Paddy - Doing ought exciting image

    Ok i'm mad, i'm crazy i'm a nutter yep i know that but today was my 44th consecutive day for running. I'm also 44 (obv not today) So what do i do

    Now don't be stupid image i know i said i'm crazy . No i ran for 44 minutes decided i might not get back home in time so added another 44 seconds  to it and a change of course Finished just around the corner

    What: 4.52 miles in 44:44
    Why: See above
    Last Hard: Wednesday
    Lyrics i know who but not what or rather i can guess who

  • Afternoon all.

    Chicka/Dustin I decided against it in the end, you're right, I'd go mad, and there's no point moving and then never seeing each other!

    Paddy Good luck tomorrow, you'll be great image

    Sun has come out here just in time for home (well another hour yet, but it looks promising).

    Rest day for me I think (apart from physio exercises and commute).  Meant to be taking it easy image

    Have a good weekend all, I'm off to Chester for a hen weekend...

  • Pammie* wrote (see)

    Chick i'd probably do a tri if it didn't involve swimming What would you replace the swim with

    Now don't be stupid image i know i said i'm crazy . No i ran for 44 minutes decided i might not get back home in time so added another 44 seconds  to it and a change of course Finished just around the corner  

    Good question, Pammie ... how about eating cake image?  I'd love a cake eating PB some day ...  tee hee love the OCD 44:44 run.

  • I'm looking forward to reading the report Paddy!

    Good news chickadeee.

    It was torrential here all day - so much so that even though it had stopped by the time I had a chance to run I had to stay on the treadie because of the flooding.

    Alehouse - hope your daughter had a lovely day.

    Pammie - yes, you're mad image

    postie - presents for teachers?

  • Rest day here, afetr a very busy week

    Doing the 1st Southampton Parkrun tomorrow

    Take care all

  • Evening

    Wabo: Well done on the new pb.

    RFJ: All the best for tomorrow.

  • LMH:  Just got in! Yes, daughter seemed to have a good day! Extremely wet though until we came out of the ceremony just after 6 by which time it had stopped. Too much waiting around for me...we had to be there for 1.30 for a 4.30 ceremony: should have brought my waterproofs and gone for a long run whilst she was being robed and photographs. Had time to meet up with son afterwards and go for a rather rushed meal before dashing to the train.

    Emzap: I'm glad you are going to Chester! A rather more upmarket venue than some others I could mention...however as a Chester resident my brother would certainly disapprove!

    Paddy: have fun, hope the angels are on your side, and that you don't have to wear the wetsuit for all three disciplines.

    Wabo: glad you enjoyed the race, not least the result, and the biking. 6 more sleeps is not long!

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