Sore thigh

Hi. My left thigh (quad is it?) hurts a lot when sitting the pain is at the front on the Lowe half of the muscle about two or three inches above the knee.

It's been slightly sore for a while but ok running but hurt when running last night. Came home stuck ice on it for 15 minutes, don't really know what else to do. Going to rest it until about Wednesday next week apart from Sunday (f1 tickets).

What should I do. Just sit on sofa relaxing? Bandage it somehow? Or is it worth spending some money on some sort of spay / gel, or support to help it? I just want to be able to run on it and do will do whatever is best for it. Cheers Steph


  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭
    Going with voltarol heat patches and does a tubula t bandage when they are not on and see how that goes!

    Rest Saturday, Sunday at F1, Monday after work rest, then try the gym Tuesday.
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