Would everyone please stop moaning about the rain and grow a pair please? Yes, we're going to have a couple of days of heavy rain, but we're British. We're built for this weather, and quite frankly I'd much rather have this torrential rain than that humid and sticky weather of the past few days. Put on a waterproof coat and take a brolly. It's only water, so it won't kill you. I've been to Asda and done the shopping and I'm still here to tell the tale.



  • Human skin is water resistant. These days with hot sun, rain, snow and wind it's always a severe weather warning. What happened to the days of having a good old fashioned British stiff upper lip and just calling it crap weather, then getting on with life.

  • Our skin is waterproof

  • Beat me to itimage

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    TheVicar wrote (see)

    Our skin is waterproof

    nope.  why do you think it goes all white and puffy when you stay in water too long??  that's because the skin absorbs water and the epidermis swells. that wouldn't happen if it was waterproof.

  • But even if you sit in the bath for an hour, you don't dissolve! image


  • If the flood warnings are to be believed I think gills and flippers might come in handy.

    Notts Runner wrote (see)

     It's only water, so it won't kill you. 

    Death by drowning? 

  • Water resistant image

  • So when someones home is flooding and their car is floating down the street perhaps they should grow a pair and open up an umbrella?
  • Notts Runner wrote (see)

    But even if you sit in the bath for an hour, you don't dissolve! image


    Not dissolving isn't how you determine whether something is waterproof...

  • Is such a shame seeing all the people being made homeless. Must be awful for them and I do hope the insurance companies sort their lives out and pay up, at least alleviating some of the pressure and stress. Problem is more and more houses are being built on flood plains and drainage being diverted etc Not goodimage

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    favorite or favourite?

    Depends on whether you're English or American image

    Or perhaps Australian...

  • I hate the way that Microsoft Word always tries to tell me that my spelling is wrong, just because I use proper English rather than American English. Facebook and Twitter do as well.

  • There are some liquids that have an SG lower than water and they can go straight through your skin and I don't mean acids that burn their way through.  Fortunately rain normally only includes water, well apart from the cats and dogsimage

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    at least we do not get rain like in the USA      Torondo ally     or the lighting they had shown on the news channel last week

  • What is a Torondo and who is their ally?
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Or the lighting? image

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭

    mid west USA   they have 100s of Torondos

  • I LOVE rain! AlwaYS have & always will! I never ever moan about it! It's beautiful! The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned! I love running/walking in it & when it's freezing cold & misty!

    People say 'oh, the stupid rain I hate it' but why? Ok, you get your blue rinse  wet & shoes splashed but so what? I'm sure all those in places like Japan etc that have horrendous earth quakes, volcanic eruptions & so on would much rather cope with a drop of rain than the death & destruction of more severe natual disasters!

    May the rain continue to reign!

  • Swimming in the rain is a surreal experience.  Especially at this time of year with everyone staring at you in amazement.  The rivers are nicely flooded so you hardly have to swim at all, just float along.

  • The second open water swim I did was during a torrential rain storm. On the way there I was adamant I wasn't going to get in the water, but the absurdity of 'not wanting to get too wet' struck me so I HTFU and got in anyway. There was no current to help though - it was at a dock image I think that was the swim where I contracted leptospirosis though, so swimming in churned up water might not have been the brightest idea...

  • It is true that you need to know the water.  There are some palces I wouldn't swim in bad weather, but others that are completely safe.  Well, as safe as any swim is.

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