Brooks HellRunner - Hell Up North

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Has anyone entered this or done this before.

What fitness levels are required??


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  • I did Hell in the middle in February 2012.  I am a fit half marathoner (on a scale of 1-10, 1 being lethargic, and 10 being Mo Farah,  I would say I am about a 7!), and felt that it wasn't challenging enough for what I was expecting, I had far too much energy left at the end - but in terms of having a laugh, it was great!

    Hope it helps!image

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    anyone doing this??

  • i'm sure past hellrunners will give better advice as i have not done this race but i know delemere well and have watched the last 2 hellrunners up north.

    they use pale heights hill (radio mast on top) which you climb straight from the start. then its rolling forest tracks and narrow twisy paths for another 9 miles or so before you reach the bog of doom. 100mts of thigh deep water then another 200mts of mud and lots of it especially for the later runners. i'm not sure if you go up the big hill again before the finish. the organisers change the route slightly every year and like to throw in a surprise or two.

    use old running shoes and tape them up.

    hope that helps a bit

  • I ran this race in 2009 and loved it,wear your oldest kit and chuck it at the end.Normally a couple of deep bogs and the long bog at the end.The hills of hell are quite good fun if your a mountain goat.A good mix of abilities do this race so dont worry,Its a good laugh.Oh and make sure you tie your laces tight,or the bogs will have them.image

  • Flippin' Blinkin' fantastic event. Hard as it should be. Sorts out true adventure runners from those that just want a bit of fun.

  • don't suppose anyone has an accurate distance for Saturday (or even a map?) to keep Runkeeper up to date so have guestimated 11miles and drawn 11 miles worth of squiggles on a map of Delamere for now.

    popped my trailoff-road cherry on this......incredible stuff. A proper toughie, but a brilliant laugh.

    I ache like no ones business still, and my nails still aren't clean.

    Henstooth...hats of to you for the mankini. v impressed.

  • My gps had it at 11.63 , take a look here - (hopefully have access)

    If you want a gpx (and you can't download it from above link) then let me know.

    Great fun on Saturday, a tough 12 miles though! The lake was 'interesting', waist deep and then the odd hole made it chest deep, sticky mud, steep downs/ups, lovely singletrack & the bog of doom to finish. I'll be back next year.



  • Thanks for the posting KingKenny. I didn't have the confidence to wear my garmin (I was surprised just how disorientating it is running with no clock and no mile markers too!)

    It certainly was 'good fun' image

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