Motivation/ Energy

Hi, I am 14, I run when I have the time, but often lack motivation, just can't get out the door sometimes. What ways can halp me want to run more? I have a 6/ 7 week swimming thing in physical education at school from November to December, and although i'm rather fit and not fat by any means, I have an annoying layer of fat which is just enough to lose my confidence a bit, even though i'm the best swimmer in my age at school. Would just running as much as I can (once or twice a week plus gym sessions if I can fit it in) lose me the weight by November? Also, I hardly ever seem to have much/ any energy, but don't have a clue why as I have probably the healthiest diet in my school!!! Any help on these topics would be very much appreciated, any questions, please ask. Will. 


  • Running will help you lose a bit of weight. If you haven't ran before, don't go mad and run too quickly but just run slowly until you have built up some stamina. If necessary run for 10 minutes then walk for 5 minutes at first. If you feel like giving up don't but keep on running. You will need a lot of discipline but the more you do it the more you will want to. As to energy, bananas are a good food to eat. My son is 17 and is always tired but he doesn't go to bed very early - do you? Good luck Will.

  • Thanks for the help, i've been running a bit but don't seem to have that much time image I have a paper round so have to go get up early even on weekends but normally I get about 9 hours sleep. Thanks image

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