meerbrook 15k

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Does anybody know why this race is so expensive compared to similar races?


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    no idea   done this race a few years back

  • I think that the price is pretty good, as a you get a tech T shirt.

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    T-shirts (even tech ones) don't cost the RO that much as they're usually subsidised by the sponsor(s)

    the entry fee has increased by £4 since last year (and they had a T-shirt then)

    I've had my eye on doing this one for a few years, and was keen to do it this year, but was genuinely taken aback by the cost

    if the profits go to charity (like at Great Warford 10M or Congleton Half) then fair enough, but I'd just like to know where my money is going...

  • I've read that it's a fundraiser for the Dougie Mac Hospice. (Details are on the Mick Hall Photos website)


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    the website says:

    "we will be helping to raise funds for the Dougie Mac hospice and putting on a great event"

    the word "and" means that they could be two completely separate activities


  • hi guys would just like to point out a few points if its ok?

    t shirts we are doing techie t-shirts this year for everyone last year you had a choice !

    this is due to people asking for these and yes they are nearly two pound more!

    could have stayed with cotton but did get a lot of requests and think its the right way forward!

    sponsors althought asics are still helping with numbers and a few shoe vouchers reduced input with cash vouchers which had to be found!

    st johns last year cost £100 this year £370!!

    have tried to find extra headline sponsor but very in these econmic times if you look at other local races i still think we stack up well 

    uttoxeter half £15 (tech t-shirt)

    potters half £16 (cotton t-shirt and medal)

    stafford half marathon £19(tech t-shirt)

    I could have reduced prizes but dont think that is right as one of the aims of the race was to improve standard of local running

    yes all profits after expenses go to dougie mac

    hope this clears up a few things and helps explain !

    meerbrook 15k


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    webrunner - Many Thanks for the explanation! image

    good to hear that the proceeds are going to a good cause image


  • Looking forward to join!


  • can't access the website! can anybody help with the web master, I need details on the venue, check in time...etc

  • you will get details with your numbers in post


  • Thanks but it would be nice to have info on line if possible!

  • can e-mail if you wish



  • please! my email is

  • Will there be enough small tech T shirts? I normally finish mid field in races and there are never any small left at races, so end up polishing my bike with the large cotton ones. 

    Mind you the last few small T shirts I have had could be worn as dresses. To be honest I like the option of opting out of T shirts and paying a quid or two less, rather than getting a T shirt I can never wear.

    Sorry rant over and not directed specifically at this race. Its a great race with a lovely friendly atmosphere. Bring on the HILL!

  • Opposite problem for me I'm afraid.

    Seems that the races that offer the cotton t-shorts only ever do S/M/L - and unfortunately Large does not cut it yet.

    For some races my goals are not finish position or race time - merely just to loose enough weight to fit into the T-Shirt image

  • Good luck tomorrow Mick.  This is still tremendous value for what has to be one of the most scenic races you could ever run.  Just think of Manchester and Liverpool runs at £40+ and nothing going to charity. And they're boring and flat!! image

  • Well, having taken part in the race for the first time yesterday, I can confirm that is not boring, definitely not flat, a wonderful location - and yes can just squeeze into a Large!

  • Great race, wonderful scenary and inspring people!

  • all well and good but i've just entered through runners world to realize i've been charged more than on the day entry this SUCKS !! get it sorted or after 5 years doing this i'm not returning hate been taken for a mug end of!!!!

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