John Lydon on Question Time


  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    I didn't watch it. I never understand why people are so keen to hear opinions on politics from a musician.

    I first saw him on stage in Penzance in 1977. It was the Pistols' "secret tour" and the first gig I ever went to. Him and Sid Vicious ... crap musicianship, fantastic show!

    Top guy, maybe. But Lydon is now a property developer in California, I believe. So much for the punk ethos then.

  • Fair point.

    What happened to Ben Elton too..?   Found his fame on Saturday Night Live with his rants about Mrs Thatch...   look at him now...  very much hidden behind his private gated estate and part of the establishment that he despised so much....


  • Strange that somebody who is a property developer is playing Brighton Concorde next month. And what's a property developer doing making wildlife programmes? And why is a property developer just released a new album? Since when did the punk ethos say you couldn't buy a house and sell it? Wtf is the punk ehtos anyway? It never existed. The man grey up in a damp council flat in Finsbury Park so I'm sure he appreciates a bit of a comfy lifestyle these days.
  • When BBC6 Music had their party a few months ago and the Sex Pistols played, I thought they were on good form... 


  • Gotta love the Lydon !  

    30 years from now will our kids be musing about how that "Olly Murs was a nutter" ?!!

  • Lucky enough to see them in Swansea in 1976, although at the time I didn't know who they were as they were just a "new band" and not very widely known, certainly not out in "the sticks" (this was pre-Grundy).

    Didn't see Question Time, but John Lydon is an engaging character these days and has been responsible for some great, original music over the years - early PIL in particular was excellent .

  • Great music, great character and a Gooner!!!  Top bloke.

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