Advice and knowledge welcome

Hi all,

I thought I would try to gleen advice, experience and knowledge from the runnersworld forum.

I'm a cyclist and have been for about 16 years on and off.

I started running 3 weeks ago and really enjoy it, due to its low cost, accessability and its ease of getting a workout in around shifts.

So far I have been doing short tempo runs 2-3 miles, and longer 5 mile runs. My aim potentially of running a half marathon at the end of September.

I have never run a race before, but am capable of pushing myself in training, as I do in cycling.

I want to achieve a 1:40:00 half marathon is this feasible?

Current stats:

2 miles 12:59

5km 20:33

5 miles 35:12

This isn't pan flat, its undulating and the both the 5k and 5M are on fire road.

Any suggested weekly schedule would be a huge benefit, as at the moment I just go out and run, but I have no structure.

Looking forward to your hints and tips.


  • The training section on this site has plans for various distances, including half marathons, also try Smart Coach. You already have plenty of speed for a 1:40 half. You need to develop the endurance side which the plans will take you through. I used the Garmin Ready sub 1:40 for my first half marathon. One of the key things you will be doing is running longer and slower. You do not need to be running fast in all sessions - the plan will set specific paces for each type of run
  • If you're doing those sort of times in training on undulating courses, then you should have no problem doing a sub-1.40 half marathon.  If you gear your training specifically towards it, you'd probably knock the best part of 10 minutes off that.  People always go faster in races than training.  I wouldn't be surprised if you could do a sub 40 10k and maybe even a sub-19 5k race.

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