The "Toad Challenge" Thames Path Multi-stage Ultra

Hi there,
Thought I would start a new thread for 2012.
I am in training for this and am doing back to backs. However one of the runs is on the South Downs and is a trail/ hilly session which is hard but great at the same time.
Question is, how flat is the Toad Challeng as I am thinking ( if it is flat-ish) of doing the hilly long run every 2 weeks so I'm not over doing it,Mather than every week. Or is it still good to do the hardish hills to get used to them in prep for The Toad?
I thank you my learned distance runners. image


  • The Toad is really quite flat, there is a bit of a switchback just past Goring and a few minor climbs elsewhere.  As a personal matter of choice I would try and maintain the weekly hill sessions providing they don't knacker you too much.

  • Fab!

    I am still doing backs to backs on Monday and Tuesday with recovery day Wednesday.

    Due to my training plan I have not, as yet got any triple back to is something I should be doing or shall I continue to do the mon and tue runs and that will be enough for me to get complete the Toad?

    I am still doing a hilly Monday run on the South Downs and then the same mileage only on the flat on the Tuesday.

    Or shall I say plan a few of the Monday Tuesday and Wednesday back to backs say every 4th week so I don't overdo it?

    Also with back to backs I am dong the exact same mileage on the Monday and Tuesday, is that good or should I change the 2nd days mileage a little.

    Many thanks my learned friends of distance running.
  • Can't say I had a really coherent plan for my first multi day which was Druids so rather more difficult terrain.  I did back to backs with a long Saturday, slightly shorter Sunday and a long Wednesday and when I was peaking a hilly Friday.  Starting the 3 days with the hills was quite good as it meant I got used to starting my longest session on tired legs.  I am really mainly a walker thoughimage and tended to do most of my running on day 3 of the actual event as it used different muscles - obviously most people did the reverse.  I should see what works for you and if you feel a bit tired cut back for a week.

  • Hello there,

    Is there any advice regarding what hotelsyou are staying in if you are arriving on the Thursday?

    I thank you in advancemy learned runners
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