Pirate DIY Half IM, The second coming!



  • marshallini wrote (see)


    Now thats a tato! image

  • Marshallini ..........you are amazing image


  • Brilliant mate, you need to get a job to occupy your time  image

  • Having spoke the Leisure Centre people April 25th / 26th 2014 is out as the pool is being used for a Gala both days, so need to look for other dates.

    Was thinking, the weekend before is Easter and the pool is closed on the sunday so thats out, the weekend after is already taken, so we are left with the weekend before Easter which is 12th / 13th April or 3rd / 4th May with 5th May being Bank Holiday, but that sits a little to close to Lanza for my liking(17th May)

    So will check for April 12th / 13th.


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