"Down Tow Up Flow" Thames London Half Marathon 22 July

Hi all

I have unfortunately not yet recovered from a running injury I got back in March and so am no longer able to run this half marathon along the thames (organised by the brilliant purple patch running team - http://www.purplepatchrunning.com/races/down-tow-up-flow-half-marathon).  I have noticed the event is not listed on runners world but but they are great and this is a great event - I am so disappointed I can no longer do it.  Anyway so as a result I cannot get a refund (or a deferral to next year) and wondered if anyone wanted to take my place.  Entry is £19 (if affiliated - £21 unaffiliated).

I can transfer my entry up until 15 July so if anyone is interested please let me know and any contribution towards my entry fee would be really appreciated.




  • Holly - bad luck with the injury.

    You may not have been clear on this race - it is Windsor - Marlow and not London (actually its starting near Slough this year due to Olympics). It is listed in the events section with on line entries being taken. There is a race forum thread ("Down Tow Up Flow" Half-Marathon) which you might be better posting in to get some interest in the entry place you have

  • Hi Holly,

    I am an extremely nervous first timer at a half marathon, I still havent entered!! How much are you looking for?  I would happily take this off you for the right price image

  • Hi Also-ran thank you for this - yes I am losing the will to live with this injury - but another MRI tomorrow so fingers crossed I will have some answers. I will repost this in the right place.....unless....

    Clare....you would like to take the ticket - how does does £10 sound? And dont be nervous you will love it and this one is nice and flat and relaxed - you will love it and I am green with envy.  Anyway please let me know and we can sort it out easily (I have already been in touch with the organisers).

    Thanks again both


  • Thats great! Sold!  Darn, that means I have to do it now image..  Im presuming you dont have a ticket with transport to the start included (need to rope in the help of my hubby me thinks...)

    Im in the process of having an MRI too due to ongoing back problems.  Couldnt get in the machine though last time (bit claustrophic!!) so I'm off to see the Doctor to get some 'happy pills' before I try again....

    Do you want to do payment via paypal?

    Thanks again, Clare


  • Hi Clare yes that sounds great my payoak email is sloaner@hotmail.com. Unfortunately I did not get the transport included as I was just going to get the train to the other start and then one from the end!

    Fingers crossed for your back - running is supposed to good for you but in hours of trying to find out how to speed up my recovery I am not so sure! Miss it terribly though and very envious about you getting to do the race - always next year I guess.

    Could you also email me your details  to me other email address (sorry just to be complicated!) at h.l.sloan99@gmail.com - I need the following details to transfer the entry into your name -

    Full name
    Club (if any)
    Estimated finish time
    Medical notes (if any)

    Thanks and let me know if everything is ok with this!


  • All done now, details sent and payment made



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